The Joy of Others…

Dear Reader,

Before I begin this post, I will say, that my absence, was not due to a malady. It was not due for lack of things to write about, trust me the past four or so months have been full of surprises, some good and some not so good, but all under the sky has it’s ups and downs I suppose. I guess, I stayed away from writing because,  It’s was like a horse race on a dusty road; the end was only in sight after the dust settled.

I have proven once and again, that which I was told when I was very young. Someone said to me, “To see others happy is the greatest joy anyone can ever hope to have”. Over the last four months I have seen many people that are dear to my heart be happy. I could not help in those times, but to play music and celebrate their contentment.

My day has just begun, and while normally I wait until the end of the day to write about it, today I decided to make an exception.

Remember, to always find a reason to smile.

Every so often take a break and a deep breath; continue on the path of life. Sometimes, the walk may seem full of  tribulations, doubts, and even frustrations. When that happens, just know, that while it does rain occasionally, the sun must and always will shine through even the darkest of skies.


What is influencial?…

Dear Reader,

Growing up, and that was not too long ago. I always thought of Time Magazine as the Holy Grail of sorts. You weren’t somebody until you made it into Time Magazine, that’s when even the serious people took notice.

Fast forward to the present times. I find myself greatly confused. I always figured that Time’s 100 Most Influential People of the World, would be made up of people who positively influenced the world we live in.

When I read this year’s list, I thought that was still the case, I mean with such people as Pope Francis, Megyn Kelly, Jeff Bezos, and Malala Yousafzai, I figured they meant influential in a good way.

However, then I kept reading. I found the list also contained, Richard Sherman, Kim Jung Un, and Miley Cyrus. The cover that up until very recent years was made of a lot of very tiny photos with a huge 100 in the middle. Recently, that changed last year it had Jay-Z on the cover, so it’s no surprise that this year his wife is now on the cover. Yes, both of them make up covers that came in sets. The musical side, the serious side and so on.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover indeed.

Time Magazine, no doubt is showing the change of the times. The outlook is bleak.

They put Kim Jung Un and even worst Miley Cyrus, in the same issue as people who have actually contributed to this world more than selling sex and depravity to the young generation, or a “worship me or die” mentality to the people.

Time, should call their list Top 100 Most Influential, as well as Trash Talking, Viral, Trashy People of the World.

Maybe that way, when they decide to put Pope Francis and Miley Cyrus in the same issue I won’t be surprised or even mildly insulted.

A little too far…

Dear Reader,

I am well aware that in religion and politics no one will ever agree. So I don’t expect to have many of you see my point as I see it.

My mother recently read a quote posted by someone on her list.

The quote read:

“Communist, until they become rich. Femenist, until they get married. Atheist, until the plane falls”

Given the recent events and others we won’t soon forget; I find this quote disturbing. Specially because the person who posted this should know better. I guess, this goes to show that just because you have a college degree

My first reaction was “Why?”

First of all, if it was posted as joke, I say bad timing. If it was posted as a “Get closer to God you heathens”. To that I say, you cannot assume that because a person is not hugging a bible 24/7 that makes them atheist.

All in all, why this was posted I will never know for sure, what I do know is this person lacks two very important things, empathy and common sense. Empathy for those people that are praying to whatever is the center of their moral compass for the safety of their loved ones. Common sense to know that even though you have the right to say anything and everything that comes out of your mouth, sometimes that freedom is taken a little too far.



Unexpected compliment…

Dear Reader,

Sometimes, we go about our day, maybe we notice the leaves changing or the wind picking up speed. However, if you are like me, you don’t really expect to go noticed as you walk by on your day to day.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those sit in your room and cry types. I am perfectly comfortable with myself and I do realize, that I am not the type of person that gets noticed. I blend into the background of life as it were and I’m okay with that.

Today, as I walked to the laundry room, I took a moment to smell the air, to enjoy the fact that Spring, however windy is here. Since I was early I was not surprised to find the lady that takes care of the laundry room cleaning, and since she did not mind my presence I went on about putting my laundry to dry. She then comented in more length, that I looked smaller. So in her own way she seemed happy with my weight loss. Congratulated me on it, she said, “It shows, you loss weight, keep with your morning walks it’s doing you good”. She noticed I take walks in the morning. So much for blending into the fabric of daily life.

It’s been a while since I gotten a compliment from someone I don’t really know. It was unexpected and surprising. Most people compliment you because it’s the right thing to do,  or because somehow, they have to to, or they do it simply out of pity. I am not one to give many compliments, but when I do compliment someone is heart felt and sincere.

I took the time to tell this lady, how much it meant to me that she took the time to say something nice. My exact words were, “Thank you, you have given me a very good reason to smile today. May your day be filled with as much joy as you brought into mine”.

Maybe, a bit too much, for most, but given the fact that I have been under the weather lately, and not exactly feeling pretty. She did honestly give me something to smile about. It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

So in closing, be grateful for the little things that make you smile. They are they to remind you that as bad as things can get, they will get better.

Lego Lord of the Rings…

Dear Reader,
I will finally write that review I promised. “Lego: Lord of the Rings”. I will confess, I was, at first going to rip the game for a plethora of reasons; not limited to the game being frustrating, tedious, and at time monotonous. I was conviced until recently, that this was in fact the worst game Lego had ever brought to life. Then enter “Lego Movie Game”. Worst game EVER! However, this is not a review on the latter, so back to the subject.

Given that I’ve seen the worst Lego can do so far, I will give credit to “Lego: Lord of the Rings” for at least not being annoying. If anything it was semi educational, (yes, games can educate) in my case it gave me the short version of Tolkien’s massive work. I understand the over used phrases like “…My precious!”.

So that being said, I will say this. “Lego Lord of the Rings” will be a test of patience for sure. I get it, the whole book is about some guy or group of guys walking to a really far, far away place. Point taken, seriously, I see where Lego is going with their games and frankly I like the idea of the open map. I had some experience with it in “Batman 2″ and even a bit on “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Those games did it well, in fact, so far, my favorite on that end is Batman 2. My problem has never been that the map in Lord of the Rings by comparison is huge. That… I actually liked. The part that I hated was the fact that even with the teleporting there was still an unnecessary amount of walking. Slow walking at that. I mean, at least in other Lego games you had, The Flash or Superman among others.

I understand, the games are intended for a young audience, but children are not as infantile as we would like to believe and their attention spans are definitively not what they use to be.

Let me be honest and say, that the subject matter was not exactly my favorite. I was not one of the fans that ran to the movie theater to watch The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Nor did I read the books by Tolkien. So maybe that is another reason to stick to the things we know. I mean there are certain subjects like super heroes that even if you didn’t read every last comic you still get the subject matter.

This game was also one of the first Lego games to use voices. Quite frankly I thought I would hate it. I was pleasantly surprised how well they work not only as comic relief but in my case to understand a game’s subject matter. So over all, this game is worth playing, and if you are a fan of Tolkien it will be as pleasant an experience as it was for Potter fans when Lego Harry Potter came out.


Dear Reader,

Oh yes, about right this second I feel like screaming into my pillow. Frustration much? Oh yes, very much! See, since I moved here, there has been this endless parade of music, loud and annoying. It was off and on, here and there. I could never pin point the source, but it was there. Last night it kept me up way past my now usual bedtime. of 11 PM.  Today it started an hour ago, the same CD with the same ruined tracks that skip.  Last night they let the CD Skip for well over 15 minutes.

The noise came from the flat above me. Grrr! And tripple Grrr!

If things don’t improve tonight or tomorrow that is three strikes, and management will have to be notified. I need my sleep. Sleep equals awesome dreams. Sleep also leads to feeling rested, feeling rested leads to smiles, smiles bring about good Karma, followed by fun emails. Fun emails equals happy me. Happy me leads to good cooking, creativity and such. I so need sleep!



Feeling better for now…

Dear Reader,

Update on my health it’s been up and down for the past month. It’s been hazy at times and others I been so sharp I felt as though it was over. Right now it’s a good day, yesterday was not and the day before was even worse. Thank heavens for video games. I finally finished one I was working on for months. More on that later though. Oh it’s going to get it’s own post.

Today I woke up sick of being sick if that makes sense. It was one of those days where I made myself get out of bed smile and put on some music. I also went out for some fresh air. Oh yes, despite the nation being on zero or bellow temperatures around here it’s been…. Freezing to the bone of course, but survivable. Today the temperature was nice and no wind. So I went out for a walk on the fresh air for about half an hour, and it helped. Cleared my head and when I got back, I cleaned up my place. Yes, when we feel sick we need to stay in bed, nothing against that there just comes a point where being in bed makes me in particular feel worse.

So clean house and fresh air around the place, some Pandora Radio tunes and it feels normal for the first time in a month. This flu season was no joke. It kicked my ass. Let’s see if this ‘feeling better’ moment last longer than a day. I will keep you posted, until next time. Time for some more really horrible tasting medication.

Stay safe kids. Smile, and above all, be the best you you can be.