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Journey to Chicken…

Dear Reader,

I am a bit nervous today. Ah, but because I am a girl I should be used to nerves right? Wrong! I grew up with the wonderful smells of my mother’s cooking, and yes, I do think, like all children that no one cooks better than my mother.

Today, I been thinking a lot about mom’s amazing cooking, because for the first time in my life, I will venture into making chicken. Okay, so I cooked chicken before, but it came with instructions, in a bag from the frozen section. I’ve never made raw fresh chicken. My nerves are at their worst. I mean, I know they say, you can’t mess up chicken, but trust me if there is a way to do it, I will discover it. I’m not being negative, I just know me and chicken, fish and those weird other meats are as unfriendly as oil and water. I mean I eat a variety of things compliments of my mother’s kitchen. Today, I decided to experiment with chicken. I need a small victory, and I’m hoping this is it.

Just as I typed this, I had a memory flash inside my head. Back when I was a child a really small child, so eons ago. The very first word I learned in English was kitchen. Then I discovered the word Chicken. Ah the glory, when I was a much older child to find out what those words really meant. For the longest time I thought they meant each other. So when I meant learn, I should say, half learned. I learned to read English before I knew what I was reading, so for the longest time I fancied the word kitchen was the word for Chicken and vise versa.

So, I”m off to conquer the chicken and may this be the start of something fabulous, in the kitchen.

Random question: If you were caught in a rain storm, what is the first thing you would do?

Me, I would wait for puddles and plash around like a little kid. The next part of me would wish it to rain for hours, just enough to end up with wet socks.  I was thinking about that question today, because we been promised rain for days in a row now, and not a drop has come, only gray skies.

Until my next post, remember: “Life is never clear cut, but discovering it’s little treats along the way is what makes life worth living.”


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