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A little too far…

Dear Reader,

I am well aware that in religion and politics no one will ever agree. So I don’t expect to have many of you see my point as I see it.

My mother recently read a quote posted by someone on her list.

The quote read:

“Communist, until they become rich. Femenist, until they get married. Atheist, until the plane falls”

Given the recent events and others we won’t soon forget; I find this quote disturbing. Specially because the person who posted this should know better. I guess, this goes to show that just because you have a college degree does not mean that you are exempt from opening your mouth and inserting foot.

My first reaction was “Why?”

First of all, if it was posted as joke, I say bad timing. If it was posted as a “Get closer to God you heathens”. To that I say, you cannot assume that because a person is not hugging a bible 24/7 that makes them atheist.

All in all, why this was posted I will never know for sure, what I do know is this person lacks two very important things, empathy and common sense. Empathy for those people that are praying to whatever is the center of their moral compass for the safety of their loved ones. Common sense to know that even though you have the right to say anything and everything that comes out of your mouth, sometimes that freedom is taken a little too far.




Then there was God…

Dear Reader,

I seldom touch on the subject of beliefs or politics with anyone because they are usually followed by a long discussion on how my political views need work or the ever popular “you need to find Jesus”, on the latter any closer to finding him and I would be dead. Of course, some over religious people would love to disagree.

On the subject of God, I believe  He exist and I find that an undeniable fact, specially in those moments when I fall apart, and I feel like train just hit me at max speed.  I had one of those moments recently, and I did have some choice words for Him.  Then again who doesn’t.

Life is difficult, hell if it was a cake walk we would die of boredom, I sometimes wonder what He thinks of me… before you all start thinking I need to read the bible you can forget it, that book has more contradictions than a politician. Plus is hardly in plain, no room for error English, so I take Shakespeare anytime.

As you guessed I have no religious affiliations, I just believe God exist and that sooner or later we all come back a bit wiser for the wear, and not that it would be a shock to any of you, but I don’t believe there is a Heaven or Hell, not in the biblical sense anyway, I believe we ARE in hell. We are working our way to either a blessed and happy life the next time around or just another try at it.  Where else would you see, pain, suffering injustice, famine, selfishness and just general ugly. That would perfectly explain why sometimes people can destroy each other enough to make the other contemplate checking out early.

God in my eyes, does not know everything, he knows our hearts our thoughts, our wishes, our intentions and our hopes that what we say can be received well. He does not know the future though.  Think about it, if he knew how vile, toxic, and evil some people were going to turn out to be I  doubt He would wish them upon anyone.  My guess is, He creates all of us with the highest hopes of all of us turning out great, as any parent would hope upon their kids. Of course after the age of innocence is over it is then He realizes the demon He unleashed upon this world, so all He can do is help those in the path dust it off and continue on.

It might just be nonsense but it sure explains Hitler and Osama, and other equally minded humans.

Does God like me? Hell yeah! I hardly think of Him as an entity that wants the world on their knees praying and for a lack of a better expression kissing His ass. So no, I don’t pray, I simply talk to him like I would talk to you. Only he knows why things work out the way they do in my life, and sometimes I wish He would let me in on it, or throw me a bone and make things go my way for once, but once it’s all set in done, all I can do is keep the good memories, the laughs, the best days of my life put them in the proverbial suit case that is my life and continue on in my path hoping someday that fork on the road I just passed where he went left and I went right, will become one, and we will walk side by side with our respective someones, laughing at the past times, mending the broken bridges and making new memories.

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