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A Woman on Currency….

Dear Reader,

While we are living in the decade of change. Yes, there has been a lot of history making moments in the last ten years. Despite the opinion that some hold that millennials have not had many moments to be proud of, I disagree. One of those historic moments is the possibility of a woman either sharing or taking over the portrait on the ten dollar bill, a bill that is currently and since 1929 been occupied by Alexander Hamilton.

At first and before doing some research, like some. I was not happy about this decision. Not because I don’t support women on dollar bills, but because my favorite motto is “don’t fix what is not broken”. The way I see it, there is nothing wrong with the ten dollar bill. Not to mention, that if it’s all about honoring a yet to be named woman, there are other ways.

Now, the above was before my research. Turns out that prior to Alexander Hamilton, the ten dollar bill, “green back” and all of it’s incarnations has had such greats as Lincoln, Jackson, Franklin, and a personal shocker Lewis and Clark. Why a shock? Hmmm… Well, it’s the first time I ever heard of a double portrait. A total of 11 people of importance besides Hamilton have graced the front and or back of the ten. Read about it here.

So having learned this, I am in favor of change. I understand the Hamilton descendants for being unhappy with the change, but to go as far as calling him “the father of paper money” is a bit of a stretch. Paper money, you see has been around since the 1690s, they were called Colonial Bills. After that came The Continentals, which of course, were easily counterfeit and lost value fast. By this time Hamilton was  was 20 and part of the militia. He died twenty nine years later. In a duel. Of course, in the course of 27-29 years he wrote the Federalist Papers among other things.

Not sure how many people have been featured in other denominations, but on just the ten dollar bill, Hamilton and Morris were the only faces that were not born in the United States. Being a founding father that’s not odd, but of all the current bills in circulation he is the only one.

Yes, he did accomplish a lot, and I doubt removing him from the ten dollar bill will in any way diminish his historical value.

As for the woman, who will grace the ten dollar bill I can’t wait until her identity is revealed. She will be the second woman on paper money that I know about. Mexico, has or had at one point Sor Juana Inez de la Cruz, and she was amazing. Being the US, I hope she is equally interesting.


My Alma Mater

Dear Reader,

I never expected my Alma Mater to make national headlines. Though this past week I seen them everywhere from Yahoo Sports to All because an Arab-American lawyer from D.C. was offended by our mascot.

If you read the headlines recently you know I’m talking about the mascot belonging to the Coachella Valley High School, “Home of the Arabs”.  According to the ADC our mascot is “a harmful form of ethnic stereotyping which should be eliminated”.

I respectfully disagree. While we have people on both sides of this issue. The ones that agree with the ADC will scream for the mascot’s removal. I studied history and I’m well aware of how the 1930s to mid 40’s were to the Jewish community. I know how harmful stereotypes and bad propaganda can be. This, however, is not the 1940s. This is today. No Arab has been harmed because of our mascot, nor have they been put in concentration camps for it either.  This mascot… has been around for 82 years or so. Even after the tragedy of 911, the mascot remained unchanged. Still celebrated, still respected  and still a cause of great pride.

I want to understand where the leader of this crusade is coming from. The more I think about it, the more I read about it, the more it sounds like a ploy to get his face on as many news stations as possible.  Nothing sells more than Sampson v Goliath, or however the expression goes.

I know the times must and always will change, and we should change with them. Lately though it seems like someone is always upset about something. You see countless articles online about people complaining that someone or some company did them wrong. Was it always like this? Or is it just so simple to read it now because of the internet? Gone are the days of old, when people would be offended over things that really mattered.

This whole vibe of now a days reminds me of a song, that rings so true:

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