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Girls are Mystery to Me…

Dear Reader,

There are times I wonder what it would have been like to have friends that are girls. Like real social interaction with girls.  I lack in that department for a great many reasons.  Then today, at around noon I looked up to the skies and said, “Thank God all my friends are guys”. Here is why, there is person out there in this world, who is officially my least favorite person living or dead, and yes, that is counting Hitler.  She is not a very nice person you see.  I tried to be understanding of the fact that her boyfriend had just dumped her and very quickly replaced their relationship.   I been there and seen that. Then after today, her actions gave me a picture of things on both sides.  All I could think of is, “I’m so glad they broke up”.  Then I followed that thought with “If I were him, I had dumped her a lot sooner than that.”

How often we hear of girls getting cheated on by their boyfriends and the poor souls being heart broken and picking up the pieces.  Us girls turn on the guy who dares hurt the gender so bad, both in our social worlds and even in soap operas.  Yes, how many times has that rung true. Far too many I’m sure.

Then there is girls like this one, who are just so self centered and self absorbed they can’t see beyond the person in the mirror. The ever so popular “everyone is wrong but me”.  I hate to break it to them, but looks only last for so long even with all the technological advances, you are only young and beautiful once. Strip that away and your are left with just a horrible person, too ugly inside as well as out to be mesmerizing.

I guess what I took from meeting a person like that is solace in knowing that while I never considered myself beautiful, and I hardly have lived in front of a mirror, I am a good person, not a great one perhaps but a good human being.  See I grew up accepting I’m was lacking in the looks department, so I had no time to waste on being shallow, instead, I payed attention. So while looks may or may not be there I know there is a lot more to me than that.




Dear Reader,

Oh she’s alive! Yup, I’m alive and well-ish. Right at this moment I”m listening to who else The King of Pop, Rock, and Soul.  I do that when I’m really happy!  Well I have many reasons to celebrate this month. First and foremost not so long ago Thriller *yes the album* turned 30 recently. Britney Spears turned 31. Yey for the birthdays I say. Then there is the material side of happiness. I’m getting a new mobile phone soon.  No I’m not some tech nerd that needs to have the latest everything. I’ve had a generation one phone Huawei Ascend for the past almost three years.  Why? It still did what I needed to do and the only reason I’m upgrading is simply because I need more internal memory. I will finally be online 24-7. At least I hope to be.

Have you ever had an impossible Christmas Wish?  Every year around this time, I turn back the clock and make one impossible Christmas Wish, they have ranged from health to happiness among others. This year I made one, I wanted to reconnect with a best friend or BFFs as the internet now calls them now.  Why oh why, you wonder?  Well, because I do think there are some friendships worth having for a lifetime.  This particular one is.  We finally contacted each other. It was not a tearful reunion only because among other things my eyes weren’t cooperating.  Lately I get this weird vision which I can only describe in Photoshop terms. Imagine you have the best HD Photo and suddenly someone adds a while layer on top and drops the opacity to 70 percent. Add to that a message delay of ten minutes toward the end, and here I sit hoping things are still dandy.

Many reasons to be happy for sure. Why not, life is still young we are still okay so celebrate the small victories in the trials of life. After all it is those victories that keep us looking forward, glancing just a bit back and ready for tomorrow as it may come.

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