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Moonlight Dream…

Dear Reader,

I woke up this morning having had probably the shortest dream I can remember. It was simply an image one of those times in my life I wish I could draw. It was beautiful peaceful and all around poetic.

I did my best to capture it here. Oh yes, when one can’t draw there is always Photoshop. Technology rules! What does it mean? I’m not sure, I will research that, though.

 dreamThat was it more or less. I don’t dream beauty much these days, so I thought it would be one worth remembering.  I will keep you post it if I ever find out what it means.  Yes, in my dream the moon did have the chess pieces, I wonder if I should start learning to play chess :), nah, not seriously anyway, since most chess players become quite rude, that is I have not met any that are all joy. Wish me luck,

Things rarely make me happy but in the past day or so, I been pretty up beat, could it be a good sign of greater things to come? I do hope so!

Cheers world, remember smile, sometimes it’s difficult, but joy is infectious, and can make you happy as well as others very happy.


The Big Bang…

Dear Reader,

This past few weeks, as it is not May anymore, have been spent watching a lot of History Channel, mythical what ifs and space related stuff.  Yes, I have let my inner nerd/geek come out to play.  My latest program, was one about pretty much how the earth came to be the way we know it today.

It was an interesting show, that has proven it really does not matter how green we are, or how careful since, the ice age happened before more than once, and this was before humans and the industrial revolution even started, no doubt it will happen again some 8 billion years in the future.  It all made sense. Of course part of me,  was thinking, “Wait you pretty much walked me to the birth of earth what about the bit in the bible that says God created the world in 7 days?” Bang goes that theory. Don’t worry, I never believed in the biblical creation of earth. There is just too many plot holes.  All due respect to all of you whom are more religious than the Pope. Even in your end of days there is major plot holes.

If there were an end of days, I very much doubt God would send his messengers every decade or century, since his one and only son (another plot hole, what are we, what were all those pure souls on earth chopped liver?) walked the earth to talk about the end of days, and even in some cases daring to give a date, then that day comes and nothing happens.  Wouldn’t God be seen then as the boy who cried wolf? I know is a test of faith, but even that has it’s limits no?

I know we need a little faith and wonder, and fantasy in our lives, but I think when it comes to creation, that should never be messed with.  I believe in God, how he fits in this cycle of earth’s creation  only He knows, the important thing is He is part of our lives.  What is becoming certain is it all started with a big bang and how it will end is for God to know and us to stop trying to guess.

Rainbows and Dreams…

Dear Reader,

Yesterday for about ten minutes or so I was suddenly inundated by this amazing smell of roses. Ah something tells me somewhere out there magical things where happening.  My mom used to say, when I was little that getting what I now know as a phantom smell of something yummy was because there was an angel in the room.  There is no disputing her claims after all Nolan my cat spent about the same amount of time staring at the wall at nothing at all.  On my end, I smiled and hoped my first explanation was right that wonderful, magical things were happening.

It can always mean something good for me as well, I can dream can’t I?

I been thinking a bit about rainbows too.  I’ve seen my fare share of rainbows in my life.  All very short and barely visible.   I used to see them in my dreams too, anytime I would dream of a rain storm, I would always find the rainbow there somewhere.

I’ve actually seen one in real life though, it was a weekend I think, since it was early in the morning and I went out determined to send out a letter.  It was a rainy day.  As we were approaching destination. I saw the biggest most perfect rainbow I’ve had ever seen before or since. It started at one end of the building I was heading too and ended at the other end of the building.  I had no idea what other than an optical illusion those rainbows were.  I was just really happy to see it. Now after some searching and reading, it seems the rainbows used to be seen as stairways to heaven. Cool huh?

I don’t know why that rainbow came to mind today, I guess is because as time goes by, rainbows represent hope to me.  Hope they say, is the last thing we should lose. I kind of disagree, because that would mean a lot of people have nothing to lose anymore, after they become hopeless. Nah, I think Mike (King of Pop) had it best figured out. The last thing anyone should lose is Faith.

So to sum it up, there is two things no person can ever lose, Faith and Dreams, if you have those hope always returns and with it the smiles, the laughs.  With faith, hopes, and dreams you stop existing and start truly living.

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