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The Oscar Goes To…

Dear Reader,

So, it has come to my attention that the Oscars took place last month. I have not been so busy that I would not notice the most important award show in the movie industry. It was not that for sure.

For a long while now, I been out of the loop. The last movie I saw in theaters was Tangled.  Since then, though, the Oscars have not been a priority to me. They seem as out of the loop as I am. Gone are the days, when all a took for you to consider a movie, for movie night was the words “Oscar Nominated” or “Oscar Winner”. Now granted, I stopped going to the movies, but there is always Netflix and such other services. When I eventually get around to watching the winners, I can’t say that I agree. Maybe, I’m not as old as the voters, so I cannot understand. Some things are better understood with age, take Golden Girls for example, when I was younger, I found the show boring. Now, that I’m older, and understand the subject matter I actually laugh, and enjoy the show very much. So that must be it. Then, I have to remind myself, not all movies in Hollywood are the Golden Girls, some movies require the review of the target audience. I doubt Sony Pictures, Paramount, 20th Century Fox and the like made movies targeted to people over 60, which is the average age of the people who decide who gets every award. Sometimes, I doubt they even watch or give the same level of attention to every actor, movie, and song among other categories that come to their attention.  I am not alone in thinking this either.

To further state my point on how little attention span they give to the once honorable Academy, here is yet another example: They usually have a section of the awards show dedicated to the recently departed, “In Memoriam” and more often than not, it’s executives and people that are members of the Academy, and not the celebrities themselves, which is suppose to be the main focus.  This year they forgot Joan Rivers, along with 23 other celebrities with outstanding contributions to Hollywood. This is not the first time, it happens practically every year.

What could be the cause of this? We are left to wonder, but the Oscars are certainly not what they used to be. So it is no surprise the the ratings dropped to a record low, yes, we all want to blame the host. Granted, in the past it was a good way to go, but this year, seeing who won on each category, I can understand why it has very fast become a royal waste of time. It does not reflect the young, old or in between generation. Their supposed rules for winning are more contradictory and misleading than a politician. I highly doubt even movie studios know what it takes to make an Oscar worthy movie. Thank heavens for that, otherwise movie studios would be putting out something far more worthy of a Razzie than an Oscar.

To be honest, I think Netflix does a better job at guessing what I would like to watch or own, than the Oscars do. No longer are the words, “Oscar Nominated…” or “Oscar Winner” synonymous with a good movie or a movie worth owning. There is no denying it, the Academy is in dire need of an overhaul and fast.

Until then the Oscar goes to…. not a movie I’ll be watching anytime soon.


The Star Spangled Banner…

Dear Reader,

About two years ago, I was walking down the street from my mother’s house on my way to McDonald’s for a breakfast burrito. The weather was pleasant and the rush to get to school seemed to have passed on the streets.  Everything was as calm as it could be for a city.  Something on that walk caught my eye. There it sat on the side of the road discarded and crumpled, like many a writer’s thought. Good old red, white and blue. My eyes lit up, I extended it out and looked at it with pride. Even told my now husband I would never, ever part with it. To this day, it still has a place in my house.

The American flag has been a staple at many events, some political such as the inauguration, and others like the recently celebrated Super Bowl; we all know wherever the flag is the National Anthem is sure to follow. So every now and again I watch it on TV and why not. I will admit I sing along, in part to see if I still remember the lyrics and in part because it reminds me of everything I learned in American History class. A sense of there we were and here we stand today, still singing The Star Spangled Banner since it officially became our national anthem back on March 3rd, 1931.

The Star Spangled Banner has made the headlines every year for a number of years now. All headlines pretty much the same; “So and so forgot the lyrics — so and so sang it horribly — it was made too long — it was so perfect because it was lip-synched”.

It’s no wonder it made the headlines, these people who caused them are professional singers, or what passes for it these days. The thing is though, it’s the national anthem, it’s not meant sound flawless but it’s meant to be sung live. Granted playback or lip synching has been accepted since the 80’s, after all how else can they jump all over the stage and still sound good doing it. No problem there, it’s their music and their style. The national anthem however, is not theirs is ours collectively. While they can fake sing their entire career, the national anthem is just one thing where I find it unacceptable. Sure, it’s difficult to reach a consensus, after all you can’t please everybody.  As for making it too long such as Alicia Keys did with her rendition of it yesterday. Come on! It’s the national anthem, it’s way to short to make it sound so endless. The more I heard “her version” the more I think, the problem is she added the time in all the wrong places; but hey, it’s all for the record books right? After all, her version is the longest rendition for a sports event to date, according to Yahoo Sports. As far as forgetting the lyrics goes, are you kidding me! You mean to tell me it’s really so impossible to remember two paragraphs? Give me a break.  I memorized 9 paragraphs of the Raven in less than forty eight hours for an English assignment and people who make a living out of memorizing longer, songs forget the lyrics? Absolutely unforgivable and down right disrespectful.

I know, maybe it’s  asking too much for the Star Spangled banner to be sung right and live; but don’t forget what it stands for, why it was written. I’m not asking for the best vocal cords in the business, nor am I asking for a drag along, or and edited version.  All I want is some respect for all the men and women it represents. Forgetting the lyrics or lip-synching is not only classless it’s inexcusable. I wonder how long it will take the events in which the national anthem is featured to start using school choruses, or military bands to do the singing. At least they will not forget the lyrics or require a playback.

Evil Never Prospers…

Dear Reader,

As I do ever morning upon waking up. I read the “Trending Now” words on Yahoo’s homepage. Mostly to give myself an idea as to what the world has been up to since I slept last. A name caught my eye. Mostly because it sounded familiar but more so because it was a name in Spanish, and this being the US version of the Yahoo homepage, well it’s rare to read anything Spanish on it.

So there I go clicking on the words “Griselda Blanco”. Then it hit me like a pile of bricks, I’ve seen that woman somewhere before and my good memory served me well. I found where I’ve seen her before “Deadly Women”, she was profiled there. The reason she stuck to my mind was that of all the crime shows I’ve seen she really made sick. The worst part is at the end of the episode it felt as though she got away with it, with all the evil she brought upon the world. It made me feel as though what’s the point of it all.  I clicked the link. She was Murdered.

It got me thinking of so many things. I actually felt bad for her. Yes, how about that, I felt bad for a monster in the flesh. It’s true though, no one had anything nice to say about her, not that there was anything good to say about her. Suddenly I got to the end of the article. “Live by the sword, die by the sword”.

I guess I figured the reason I was so sad for her was because it got me thinking people are ultimately judged by the way they live, and proof positive that no one leaves this world without paying their dues. May God have mercy on her soul.


Dear Reader,

I think today’s subject is self explanatory, so the need for a big intro is not required.  You might think, as you continue on reading that this is a cry in defense of the receiver of the speeding ticket seen around the world. You would be wrong!

Just now, I heard the 911 call that an over rated, overly hyped singer placed to the 911 service. It’s amazing how the media tries to tag it as a dramatic call. When it was nothing like it, he sounds as cool as a cucumber. Like someone reading a script on how to make pasta. Scared? Hardly, more like annoyed and entitled.  He of course got a ticket, which all his money and his fame will get him out of no doubt. That is the way it is for celebrities. You would think, he would just throw money at it right away as soon as he got it, but after that, he calls 911 again to whine about it. Although all his fans would call it, “explaining himself”.

911 is a national emergency service. So unless your life is in any real danger leave those three numbers for… I don’t know a real emergency. I highly doubt, bitching about a ticket is a real emergency. Granted a high speed chase could be an emergency but not for the celebrity in this case but for all the unfortunate souls who happen to share the road.  All that recklessness could actually kill someone someday. I know celebrities are people too, but seeing how they get away pretty much anything I don’t feel sorry for them nor do I think there should be a crusade against the photo snapping happys out there.

In my book if your famous enough to have every breath you take be documented in some way whether you like it or not, then odds are you make enough money to hire an entourage; complete with driver, body guards and enough cars between you and the reckless and stupid, to avoid making it dangerous for the rest of us.

I can almost hear the roars of “… but they have a right to privacy too…” let’s not forget celebrities make millions more than the average guy, but those millions are not free they come with the price, and I don’t see any of them quitting their day job. So I guess, that’s a price their a willing to pay. Of course, I would hope that they wouldn’t waste our tax paying dollars pretending they actually believe that.

Blair Witched…

Dear Reader,

Back in the early 2000’s I like a lot of people watched The Blair Witch Project.  This is before I read the credits and knew what a fictional documentary was.  So like most everyone, I thought it was real, thus the scared effect was on.  It was not long after I realized what I was watching was actually a movie done in documentary style. Fool me once they say.

Well last night I caught the tale end of a program in Animal Planet HD which was listed as a documentary.  So I watched it: “Mermaids: The Body Found“, it was not until I saw Rebecca. I realized I was not watching a documentary but a made for TV movie.  I’ve seen enough Forensic Files and similar shows to spot the actress. Then there was the whole raw footage caught in a camera phone in the late nineties. Video capture phones were not introduce to market until after 2003 or so. Although, the camera phones were all the rage in Europe by then, the kid was just holding the wrong phone model. Anyway, something was rotten in the state of Denmark for sure.

I thought the story was good, you know I’m interested in mythical creatures, marine life and of course! The stars!… I have never seen the night sky behind a telescope, but it’s one of those things, I hope to do before I’m too old.  I go out side every night and watch the night sky in all of it’s glory. For that moment I feel I can travel across oceans and see the world with a bird’s eye view.

There are so many miles upon miles of ocean we have yet to uncover, that, we may never know if such a creature existed, however, the tales of half humans and half fish have existed in all cultures, and all that varies is the lack or excess of beauty on them.

So if only for a few seconds, I was Blair Witched, but only for a few moments. What has the entertainment world come to if not even Animal Planet can be trusted, to call a movie a movie. or Fictional Documentary.   Had I known, I would have enjoyed it for what it was a movie with some really cool CGI effects for a made for TV movie.


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