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The Flu…

Dear Reader,

The last few days are all a haze to me. On the 20th I vomited and since then it all has been but a haze to me. I don’t remember many times where I been as sick as I was the last few days. I’m generally very healthy, so this flu both surprised me and kicked my butt.

I’ve tried to stay active, and joyful, I been waiting for this flu to finally be over and I still have an annoying tickle in my throat. Hopefully it will be gone by next week.

Advice my friends, get your flu shot. Personally I wish I had gotten mine, but you know I’m afraid of needles, so I passed on it. Now that I think of it though,  even if it would have hurt, it would have been over in a few seconds. So next year, it’s a flu shot for me.

I honestly don’t ever want to feel as sick and I have these last few days. It is not something I wish on anyone. I’ve had colds before, but the flu I think I only remember having it twice  ever before. It’s horrible.

To the positive thought of the day. I am happy. The holidays came and went peacefully, can’t wait for normal days to be here again. The final thought of this year, be kind to one another. Be positive. Above all smile!


A year to remember…

Dear Reader,

This will be a year to surely remember. Although is not quite over yet, I have a load of memories that I will cherish for years to come.  This year I have seen people come and go, and in the world of my dreams have had some really messed up ones out of left field, but far more beautiful ones.

All in all I’m very peaceful. I finally got to work on a blanket I started years ago. I had no idea what to do with it, then my mom suggested I keep it around to keep adding to it as time goes on.  I’ve always said, great minds think alike, well not so far back I got a similar suggestion, so having two confirmations I think the blanket will stay, maybe every time I reach a goal, I will add another line or two. As far as how it will look in a few years, I”m sure Nolan’s claws will have something to do with it, but that dude is so adorable I cannot be mad if it looks like a crazy mess.

In the mean time here is hoping the remainder of the year is as wonderful as the past few months have been.

Joy to the world indeed!

Be Happy by Purina Not so Happy…

Dear Reader,

I am usually a fan of brand names and established companies. They have lasted so long because of how they treat customers and what quality of product they sell.

As you know by now, I have two amazing cats, whom at the very least I would like to think I succeed in feeding well.  So when it comes to their food, I always thought anything by Purina should do wonders.

So with very good hopes, I got “Be Happy” by Purina:


At first glance it looked like brown poop drops. Lacking color variation, and it smelled unsually bland. Still I fed it to my two darlings. How I regret it, they threw up as soon as they ate it, I thought it was just hairballs or something. Still I fed them this food, giving it the benefit of the doubt.  Until a pattern of cleaning puke off the floor and them not eating unless they were super hungry. More puke. The bag still had about ten servings left when I decided to trash it. My babies had lost an impressive amount of weight, and happy cats they were not.

Lesson learned just because it has a reputable company written on the label does not mean that it will be what it advertises.  My cats are not at all picky or even rare breeds, they have simple tastes,  apparently this cardboard colored bland smelling garbage they call food was not to their standards. I should have known even the packaging is boring.

So my dears are back to Friskies . A wonderful product by Purina that has all my cats love, and then some I’m sure. The food not only smells delicious, but is colorful and it’s small bite size pieces. Since we been back on Friskies, my baby Nolan gained back his normal weight and so has Sammy.

This got me thinking about Animal Cops, how they claim animals are not skinny because they are being fed but because they are starving. While that is true in 99.9  percent of the cases. There is still that rare percentage of people whom I will give the benefit of doubt.  I fed my cats “Be Happy” and happy I was not after they ended up looking like the malnourished cases on Animal Planet.

Lesson learned, if the food you give your pet, you can’t imagine eating yourself, then don’t expect your pet to.


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