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Dear Reader,

I think today’s subject is self explanatory, so the need for a big intro is not required.  You might think, as you continue on reading that this is a cry in defense of the receiver of the speeding ticket seen around the world. You would be wrong!

Just now, I heard the 911 call that an over rated, overly hyped singer placed to the 911 service. It’s amazing how the media tries to tag it as a dramatic call. When it was nothing like it, he sounds as cool as a cucumber. Like someone reading a script on how to make pasta. Scared? Hardly, more like annoyed and entitled.  He of course got a ticket, which all his money and his fame will get him out of no doubt. That is the way it is for celebrities. You would think, he would just throw money at it right away as soon as he got it, but after that, he calls 911 again to whine about it. Although all his fans would call it, “explaining himself”.

911 is a national emergency service. So unless your life is in any real danger leave those three numbers for… I don’t know a real emergency. I highly doubt, bitching about a ticket is a real emergency. Granted a high speed chase could be an emergency but not for the celebrity in this case but for all the unfortunate souls who happen to share the road.  All that recklessness could actually kill someone someday. I know celebrities are people too, but seeing how they get away pretty much anything I don’t feel sorry for them nor do I think there should be a crusade against the photo snapping happys out there.

In my book if your famous enough to have every breath you take be documented in some way whether you like it or not, then odds are you make enough money to hire an entourage; complete with driver, body guards and enough cars between you and the reckless and stupid, to avoid making it dangerous for the rest of us.

I can almost hear the roars of “… but they have a right to privacy too…” let’s not forget celebrities make millions more than the average guy, but those millions are not free they come with the price, and I don’t see any of them quitting their day job. So I guess, that’s a price their a willing to pay. Of course, I would hope that they wouldn’t waste our tax paying dollars pretending they actually believe that.


Billie Jean…

Dear Reader,

Picture this, I was only maybe seven years old. I walk into a living room. The first thing I see is a man with a sparkly black jacket and a shirt, cool high water pants white socks, black shoes and moves to match. Then the most magical thing happened, he moon walked.  I know MJ didn’t invent the moonwalk but he sure made it look good. I vowed to learn to speak English so that I may understand the words that were sung by the most beautiful voice I heard to this day.

The song was Billie Jean, the setting Motown 25. I didn’t know it at the time, but that all was happening on television when I was only a few months old. Yet thanks to reruns MTV was showing it once more. There I was, right time, right place and in time to witness the magic that was, is, and will continue to be Michael Jackson.

Even when I could not understand his words, his voice was always there in the best of times and also in the worst of times, reminding me to “Keep the Faith”, to look at the “Man in the Mirror”; and in  2009, I was reminded that “this life don’t last forever”.

It is difficult to explain to those who have hated him and marginalized him, for things, not a single one of them was there to witness; why MJ is still to this day mourned and celebrated and remembered. Three years ago today, the world cried at the same time, asking themselves why, as though we all expected Michael to live forever. I was one of those many. The emptiness his sudden departure left cannot be put into words.

I will miss you for the rest of my life. Thank you, for being my inspiration, strength, and my faith that the world can truly be a better place.

I made this video back in 2006. Now is holds a far deeper meaning than it did then. Like all his fans, I too wish I had One More Chance at far more than love.

Long Live Michael Jackson…


One More Chance…

Dear Reader

Yesterday I had something happen which was quite exciting for the first few minutes when it happened, and afterward, I was swallowed up by the deepest sadness, I’ve felt so far this year.  My first thought after all the dust settled was, I have no one to tell this little adventure to.  It was one of those kitchen accidents which would had made me laugh, if my friend could share it with me. Then I realized aside from my fiancee I can only share such an occurrence with my cat, and the thought made me laugh, but at the same time it gave me a knot on the throat.

I”m not that good at being social. It has also taken me these two weeks to realize making friends, truly connecting  with someone, is far more difficult than finding the cure to the common cold.   Yesterday, I understood that song titled “One More Chance” there is part of it that says, “hurts so bad sometimes it’s hard to breath”;  funny I made that video, and thought it’s for the love brokenhearted.  Yet the words about pain also apply to anyone we cared about that is no longer in our lives.

A wise person once told me, there is no pain that last 100 years nor is there a body that can stand it. I want to believe that, I guess today is just one of those days, where like a Jenga puzzle I fall to pieces.  I can’t help it, it happens.

Last night I had a very unique dream. I saw a woman, in my dreams, about as old as my mother. Her face has been hunting me all morning. Not that is was an evil face, far from it warm reassuring and full of home feeling.  I don’t quite remember where I saw her in my dream.  She was reading me the cards, she said, “the person you can’t stop thinking about can’t stop thinking about you either. Is a friend yes? He misses you too, and when all the dust settles in his life he will come back never to leave again”.   She said a lot of other things, but I can’t remember them,  It was all a jumble of things.

If there was a time, to wish dreams came true I most definitively pick that one. Of all the dreams I’ve had that one is on my top 3.  If only dreams did come true.

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