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The Return…

Dear Reader,

Ever have something very dear to you return? Picture this, I was still in high school maybe before then. My mother had a custom necklace made for me. It’s not gold nor valuable for that matter, it’s made of string and has a round stone at the bottom that looks like a brown eye. It’s really cool. Well when I went swimming with my mother to my aunt’s house. I took it off as to not damage it in the hot water.

Then the swim was over, and I forgot it.  She kept it, and for one reason or another always forgot she had it.  About 12+ years later, yesterday, I went over to her house, and there it was as new as if I had just taken it off. She returned it to me. It’s my favorite of all time things. It’s very special, I cannot figure out why, but ever since I lost it, it was like a part of me was not there.  When it was returned to me it was like a long, long journey finally came full circle.

It made me wonder about the things we lose, be it stuff, or friendships or connections with that special someone. Will they ever come back?

Yesterday, I had my memories rush back into my mind like a flood.  I went to Wal-Mart. I was looking for a dry erase board so my aunt found someone to help us, which being the fourth of July it was difficult. Finally near the electronic department, there was a man. When I finally caught up with her, and I saw him, a huge smile spread across my face, and the look of wonder of sorts, was there too. This man, looked like someone I know. I half expected him to reply with an English accent. He finally guided me in the right direction. Then as we were checking out, I saw something quite beautiful. Here it is:

mjcanAnyway, there you have it, I had to get one, as it turns out I occasionally drink Pepsi, but this time coupled with the person I just seen, it reminded me of someone. Then I smiled, I came home looked at the moon for a while sent it all my good thoughts and all in all it was a good day.


About Me…

Dear Reader,

With the increase of social media outlets and places that require a sort of profile, we are unavoidably presented with the About Me section. In some places is short and sweet and with a 164 character limit, in others like UK Pals, is more of a give me your best ten lines about you. Either way it’s worded you are stuck trying to describe yourself and the kind of person that you are.

That question has been hunting me the last couple of days, because up until now, I’ve always said, “get to know me and you decide”.  That had worked well to a point. Then recent events in my life taught me a very important lesson. Be who I am, and defend that image with all I have.

About a month ago, out of selfishness and in part because my feelings were so hurt, almost beyond repair, I allowed a woman to paint the picture of whom she thought I was, instead of fighting that horrid description, I went along with it, and furthered that image to the bitter end.  In the process, a very special person in my life, left thinking less than highly of me I’m sure.

In the end, it got me thinking. Who am I really?  I am a real person that’s for damn sure. I bleed red just like everyone else, and like everyone I err; not a stellar human quality but no one is perfect. I believe in chances, in opportunities of redemption. I believe in love, (yes even the fairytale love that you read in romance novels).  I loved very few people in my life and each and every one in their own unique way. I’ve met people and shared their lives with them. Best of all, I believe in soul-mates. I believe there are those people in this world right now, that are meant to find each other whether near or far, and share their lives in some way. Those people you love in a very unique way. I hold fast to my friends like I hold to my dreams. (though at the moment I seem to be one short :() I am also a little stubborn (my dad tells me that all the time). I am a huge Michael Jackson fan. I love! drinking Coca-Cola, though sometimes I been known to drink Pepsi ;), I can’t help it, brings back good memories. Few things scare me, but no matter how old I get there has been three fears that have still hung around. The first one, is my fear of plunging things into a light socket. Mom says, it’s because when I was a little girl, I had very little touch sensitivity, so she caught me trying to fit a metal wire in a light socket and was shocked that I had no reaction to the apparent electrical shock. (She hid the light sockets from me from that day on :d). Another thing that scares me is feeling empty and alone. It’s true that you can be surrounded by a sea of people and still feel the deepest coldest loneliness ever. Lastly in a little less of a poetic fashion, I’m terribly scared of earthquakes, we had one recently and it scared me more than I would like to admit. My life ambition is to make a positive change in this world.  My friend Martin used to say before he died, that I”d already done that, thus I could die a happy woman. That’s who I am.

A Moment for Life…

Dear Reader,

Who said TV does not inspire.  Lately I been seeing this whimsical, for a lack of a better word, Pepsi Commercial,  The slogan is “Live for Now”.  Usually the moments in our lives are punctuated and are remembered more by the things that happen around us than for what actually happens.

I’m not a particularly huge fan of Nikki whatever her name is, in my opinion Michael and Britney have done worlds better.  However this repetitive question did get me thinking, about how would you answer it.  The question this time is “If I could have this moment for life?” Granted, is not quite a question but I drowned the rest of the lyrics, and asked my self what if.

If I could have any moment for life which would it be and why?  I have many wonderful memories in my life especially in the last seven years.

The more I thought about it I would have given anything to have, the bus rides to school with my best friend Martin.  Those are the moments I think back on these days.  He made me laugh cheered me up and taught me a thing or two about people. I would definitively have those moments for life.

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