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A matter of perspective…

Dear Reader,

Today, well it’s the most back to normal day I’ve had in the last two weeks. Yesterday, I caught up with family as well as friends. Surfed the web and caught up with the news. Both on the news, and social media. It was quite an informative night.  My friend Rudy, kept me company on Skype, while we played around with image manipulation software, and we had a few laughs. I think he was making sure I was feeling okay. Which I am, considering the pain I was in just a few weeks ago, I’m worlds better.

Sure there’s many surprising changes that occurred while I was out of it, but gladly they were good changes, and good bits of news. Lately, I been thinking about how much a good day, a good though, a smile, a feeling of joy, is a matter of perspective. Sure your day can be wonderful, it really just depends on how you look it.

Take me for example, I’m recovering from the first major surgery I’ve had ever, and while some days are good and some are not so good. I still try to smile. Believe me that is difficult to do sometimes, still, every so often I see the big picture and I know that this too shall pass. In the mean time I try to share in the joy of those that are dear to me, Maybe in four more weeks I will be back to my old self.

Who knows what the future will bring, but whatever it is, I hope it has a chocolate cake with my name on it.


Goodbye Gallbladder…

Dear Reader,

I know most of the time I don’t write anything important. In fact, I seem to be way too positive to be humanly allowed. That is only because, we need to always hope for the best out come in whatever we do.

With that said, “Hello again”. You know back in the day and even occasionally today, if you tune into to a channel you catch a commercial for signs of a stroke? Or those heart attack commercials. Well, they should have another commercial, “When to go to the hospital?” Trust me, it would have saved me hours of grief.

I recently on four occasions, had a ache bellow my rib cage that radiated from side to side and stayed on the top half of my stomach.  It usually went away with Pepto and some Aspirin.

On August 28, I was having dinner, watched TV, and suddenly, the pain came back. It came back with a fury. If you like to know what with a fury means, well, let’s just say it was the kind of pain that made me cry for my mother. I’m 32, so you get the point.I refused to do anything about it until mom called me the next afternoon  and I was to busy throwing up, she took that as her invitation to come get me.

I was admitted to the hospital, on August 29th. I was scheduled for surgery the next morning.

August 30th, at around noon I went into the operating room, where the doctor proceeded to remove my very infected gallbladder. I had a tough time waking up, last I remember I felt as though I could not breath.  The feeling, was strange.

After three more days in the hospital afterward, I was allowed to come home.

I’ve never had surgery in my life so naturally the night I spent in the hospital being asked about my final directive, and whom I would choose to make medical decisions for me, was kind of hard. I broke down and cried, there is so much you don’t think of. All I remember is thinking of the people I hold dear in my heart and wondering what they would do? Thinking, what if I didn’t make it out alive? Would I ever speak to them again. Once I calmed down. I was able to sleep, I went into surgery and all was better than my worse fears.

I”m home now, and I”m fine. If anything I’m lucky that surgery has come along way since they started removing the gallbladder.

So to my gallbladder, We had 32 wonderful years, goodbye you will be missed.

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