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Reasons to Smile…

Dear Reader,

As I sat tonight catching up with my past posts that I had yet to publish I noticed there was at least two, that stayed drafts for a reason. They were sad. I really don’t remember why, I was so down. Which in a way is a good thing, I suppose.

Strange, how sad moments work. Right as they happen it seems the end of the world, now looking back at it. I realize, that sad moments are small compared to how enormous they weight on the soul when they happen.

Today, I have many reasons to smile. One of them is my cat. Yes, call me crazy cat lady all you like, but my cat Nolan is too cute for words. When I’m upset he acts more adorable than usual. It’s difficult not to smile at such cuteness.

Life is not perfect and sometimes we do things we regret sooner or later. Sometimes life surprises you, and shows you the beauty of being upbeat. Not all is life through rose colored glasses of course. Some things happen and they slap you in the face with the force of a mighty army; when that happens you just have to shake it off, and hope you become a better person than you were.

I am not perfect far from it. No one is perfect, regardless of how flawless they may seem on the outside. Some err because of pain, panic, or desperation. Others because of blind fate. Who knows, either way, may we be better people in the end and try to focus on the good moments of the past and the present, and hope for more in the future.


My Alma Mater

Dear Reader,

I never expected my Alma Mater to make national headlines. Though this past week I seen them everywhere from Yahoo Sports to All because an Arab-American lawyer from D.C. was offended by our mascot.

If you read the headlines recently you know I’m talking about the mascot belonging to the Coachella Valley High School, “Home of the Arabs”.  According to the ADC our mascot is “a harmful form of ethnic stereotyping which should be eliminated”.

I respectfully disagree. While we have people on both sides of this issue. The ones that agree with the ADC will scream for the mascot’s removal. I studied history and I’m well aware of how the 1930s to mid 40’s were to the Jewish community. I know how harmful stereotypes and bad propaganda can be. This, however, is not the 1940s. This is today. No Arab has been harmed because of our mascot, nor have they been put in concentration camps for it either.  This mascot… has been around for 82 years or so. Even after the tragedy of 911, the mascot remained unchanged. Still celebrated, still respected  and still a cause of great pride.

I want to understand where the leader of this crusade is coming from. The more I think about it, the more I read about it, the more it sounds like a ploy to get his face on as many news stations as possible.  Nothing sells more than Sampson v Goliath, or however the expression goes.

I know the times must and always will change, and we should change with them. Lately though it seems like someone is always upset about something. You see countless articles online about people complaining that someone or some company did them wrong. Was it always like this? Or is it just so simple to read it now because of the internet? Gone are the days of old, when people would be offended over things that really mattered.

This whole vibe of now a days reminds me of a song, that rings so true:

Telephone for Jane…

Dear Reader,

In the tradition of respecting the privacy of those around me, and those whose information lands in my lap courtesy of a little digging. I will tell you a story, in which the character names have been changed.

I recently moved to a much bigger flat, finally no longer on the top floor, because I my dears hate stairs. Anyway, my place is wonderful and I love it here so far.  I think its the easy entry and the lack of stairs amongst other things. When we moved here, we had to set up all new services and what not. With that set up came the land line phone. So ever since July or so, it has been in use, and for about 12 times a day almost everyday someone always called asking for Jane Doe.  No matter how many times I tell them, Jane does not live here, this number is new to this address.   Still the same number calls for her and various others.

I had began to fancy Jane as having a busy social life full of friends and people she knows, they insisted. I blocked many numbers that were local, the Out of Area ones, I could not block and still get calls for Jane from time to time.

Recently, I found out the reason for all those calls, was simply because my number was all over the web. In various ads for this or that. With a little bit of time searching online, I found her last two known addresses and my phone number was not only posted with them in various sites, but still showed as current. So after emailing a few times, I managed to remove it from those various places. Now, if only… I could find a why to stop the calls from those out of area numbers. I would be set.

For many weeks I wondered about Jane, what was her life like and such, then I put it out of mind, and she simply did not follow the manners of the internet if there were every any. Update your information. Simple as that, I should say.


21 Days to….

Dear Reader,

A wise woman very dear to my heart once told me. “It takes 21 days to correct a bad habit”. I always had that in mind, however, I never put it to practice, well okay, I did try but always failed after week one.  Recently, on the 25th of last month I woke up thinking “I’m going to clean my house”. Clean it I did. I actually super cleaned it. It still remains as clean as it looked that day. So I am starting to believe her wise words.  Now, I can’t go to bed without making sure my dishes are done and everything is picked up.

Which came in handy recently. I had to have maintenance over to  attend to an emergency. I was glad all was it’s it’s proper place, and it made handling the emergency that much easier.

I am just on day 8. I will keep you posted on the progress if I make any.  Until then I love how everything looks. You might say I have reasons to smile and all that. For some reason the 25th of last month was special, I spend all day cleaning lost in my thoughts, and made progress.

It’s strange, but I am also beginning to believe my mother’s wise words. She always said to me when I was having a bad day. “Smile, it is far easier to deal with life, it is far easier than punching a bag, and it makes you look better”.  A week ago I smiled, and things seem to be becoming brighter.

So smile, life has a way to reward a cheerful face!

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