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Dear Reader,

This past seven days or so have been filled with activity, quite frankly I’m exhausted. Yet Nolan my cat has been successful in waking me up at all hours.

Of all that has taken place in the past seven days or so, I’d say my trip to Idyllwild California was absolutely the best.  Up on til this past weekend I was not aware there was such beauty so close to here.  We drove up to the mountain side, and saw lots and lots of trees and it was just wonderful. We had some pizza fresh made, and while we ate we got a good view of what can only describe as nature’s best views.  It was almost as close to a Thomas Kinkade as I’ve been able to get in these couple of years.  On our way back we stopped at a placed called Vista Point which is just a small parking lot over looking the mountains, absolutely gorgeous.  I made a wish there and I hope that when it comes true I will be back there. I had a moment of reflection there and of course it also reminded me of a place often described to me as a place to take a break before the end of the work day.

No doubt this weekend has reminded me of the old days. So much so, that in the last seven days I visited Martin’s grave, and I just could not believe, he had no flowers in it; not only that but the space reserved for flower placement was over grown with grass and looked as though no one had placed flowers in it in years.  My heart sank you see it was not too long ago it was his birthday.  I guess people do forget about each other. It’s been 14 years and I still think about him from time to time. I just got to thinking the way I see his face anymore is by visiting his grave, ah the wonders of technology, how far we come that now can engrave photos on tombstones.

This week has had many elements of busy, so much so I decided to make a list of things to get done before July. Here is hoping it all goes well and who knows, I might have more to report in the months to come.

Since, I have had limited uninterrupted sleep, I guess all I can report, where dreams are concerned is a dream I had this week. In my dream I was playing Keno, I’ve heard the name before and if memory fails me not, I think it’s a game similar to Bingo. Anyway, I’ve won at Keno. Then when it was time to claim my price, I had to present I.D.  I had like four of them a mix of guys and girls. I was confused and the first thing I thought is mail them to the DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles). So I was then in an office which looked like a post office sorting place, and I was looking for a mail man.  I found him, this person had a gold heart locket type thing pinned to the shirt, it was pretty looking and out of place, don’t know why I think of it, or why it caught my attention, however, I do believe, it had letters on it, I don’t know what they were. For some reason I was not happy, I just remember saying, “Postman… Figures!” Then, I was in a room and waiting for someone or something. I woke up after that. Not much of a shocker dream, but it was a good one, I do not wish to win at Keno, but it’s nice to know in my dreams I can. 😀


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