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Visitors and Random Bits…

Dear Reader,

I was suppose to have visitors to my house today. Mom and other family members were to drop by so we could spend the day together, but somehow, it all fell through, and of course I was left waiting needlessly. My mother got so busy she forgot to call and cancel all plans. Totally not cool.

Maybe it’s Karma, but nothing seems to be going right these past two months. See told you I’m not a nice person. Oh well as they say, “this too shall pass”. As usual mom read my past entry and spend a good part of the late afternoon reminding me I have more friends.

So let me clarify. I have one Ultimate friend, you know the one person I would trust with my deepest darkest secrets and such. Then I have Old Friends, those that if they call you ten years later is like time has not passed. Then there is the regular friends, of those I have quite a few, in fact, about five. Then there is people I just know.  I had to explain that to mom, she think anyone that you known for a long time is a friend all others just people you know. My sophisticated categorizing was too much for her.

So with that being said, the visit of today went south quick. I’m not exactly sad about it, as I am not quite comfortable entertaining guests. I can deal with one person two max at a time but the four or five would drown me if the expression fits.

On the update for today, even though I’m not exactly one with nature, I’ve gone out again, it’s becoming quite a habit, I almost memorized the layout of my complex go me.

To answer the random question of my past entry, I should say if I could see anything of space the sky and such, it would have to be the Northern Lights, or a similar thing over Alaska, that would be marvelous.

Now for the random question of today:

What is your ultimately favorite smell?

Oh I also came up with a new thing of the day. The phrase of the day. Did you know that everyday you hear something that makes an impact, makes you laugh or you just tend to remember said thing longer? Well, in this case the phrase of the day or rather quote of the day comes from me.

“Without further ado”

I guess I should explain huh? Well you see, today I made someone laugh, when I said it, it was during a phone call. I know the phrase was not invented my moi, but it’s something I said, it made someone’s day.

Remember no matter how dark your days, the sun is bound to rise again someday, so keep your head up and smile.



Oh joy!

Dear Reader,

Is it really possible to be mad, sad, and ultimately happy?  I never thought that could happen at least not in the span of less than 30 minutes; that is unless you are bipolar or have some manic depressive thing going on.  It’s a good roller coaster though specially if the end result is joy.  Well today was one of those days. I had a conversation which started with a goodbye, and ended in a “Hello”. Let’s just say a lot of things where made clearer than crystal and a lot of questions have been answered.  Thus why it ended in Hello, because in a way of sorts it was like a start over from here.

Who ever said that bad news is bad news, clearly has not had a day like mine. While I am happy, that now a collection of things make perfect sense I don’t look forward to a day like today anytime again soon.



Dear Reader,

It’s been a while since I’ve written probably a lack of things to say.  Not much goes on around here.  Except that maybe I should have written down a dream I had recently, but I forgot to do so.  I been very much under the weather lately, I thought I’d give my thoughts on digital paper a rest.

Since no great articles online have caught my eye, I guess, I can tell you that a few days back I had a dream that I was talking on the phone with someone. Yes, and I was very happy, the phone looked old though.  Like something out of  the early 1920’s.  Anyway, there it was me talking and apparently this someone I was talking to was going to come see me in a day or or three.  Part of me I guess realized I was dreaming because I thought, that’s not possible it’s too great a distance to travel that far.  The thought made me happy.  I woke up with a smile.  Pretty much I was happy all day.

It still amazes me that such simple things can bring me such joy.  Yes, I don’t need the world in the palm of my hand just a happy thought every now and again like Peter Pan then I can fly.

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