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Dear Reader,

I been kind of on a writing break for a while now, because lets face it, the news gets worse every day. I live in the land of the free, and I like to keep thinking the land of the great. However, that thought is getting difficult to hold on to. I been looking for uplifting stories or something good to write about. I am sure if I look hard enough I will find it.

The last few months the headlines have not helped that resolve. Violence, and not against people but animals. First it was Cecil the Lion local celebrity in Zimbabwe , and while I had a few choice words no one sums it up better than Jimmy Kimmel

I thought the whole thing would be over, then again, dog bitten to death, mocking note left on his body. Don’t get me wrong, I cannot go on pretending that human depravity has gotten worse. Since, history will show, that worse things have happened. Vlad the Impaler, Hitler, Bin Laden. You name it and evil people and dark times have always been around. Yet, I figured, we are more civilized now, we should know better. Some of us do, but it seems people still need work.

It is not all about animal cruelty, the latest headlines of summer, are not about kids drowning in the pool, or pool side accidents. Oh no, for a while there on the news it was story after story about adults forgetting kids in the car, causing them to dehydrate or worse die.

On that end, all I can say is. Wow. Save me the excuses of how it can and it is possible. If a person does not forget their phone or their keys in the car, there is no excuse for forgetting a child. Humanity has been driving for over 75 years, Cars are not the latest craze. Yes, we leave the keys in the car, I know, my point here was it does not take us all day to figure it out!

You know that forgetting a child has become an epidemic of massive proportions, when car seat companies have to add an alarm to remind you the child is in their seat.

Children are our future, and we should care and nurture them beyond the best of our ability.

Live long and prosper always.


Evil Never Prospers…

Dear Reader,

As I do ever morning upon waking up. I read the “Trending Now” words on Yahoo’s homepage. Mostly to give myself an idea as to what the world has been up to since I slept last. A name caught my eye. Mostly because it sounded familiar but more so because it was a name in Spanish, and this being the US version of the Yahoo homepage, well it’s rare to read anything Spanish on it.

So there I go clicking on the words “Griselda Blanco”. Then it hit me like a pile of bricks, I’ve seen that woman somewhere before and my good memory served me well. I found where I’ve seen her before “Deadly Women”, she was profiled there. The reason she stuck to my mind was that of all the crime shows I’ve seen she really made sick. The worst part is at the end of the episode it felt as though she got away with it, with all the evil she brought upon the world. It made me feel as though what’s the point of it all.  I clicked the link. She was Murdered.

It got me thinking of so many things. I actually felt bad for her. Yes, how about that, I felt bad for a monster in the flesh. It’s true though, no one had anything nice to say about her, not that there was anything good to say about her. Suddenly I got to the end of the article. “Live by the sword, die by the sword”.

I guess I figured the reason I was so sad for her was because it got me thinking people are ultimately judged by the way they live, and proof positive that no one leaves this world without paying their dues. May God have mercy on her soul.

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