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Anonymous Wishes…

Dear Reader,

First of all Happy New Year.  I’ve had a very eventful last two weeks of the year. As it happens with holidays, it is a time to see family and wish them the best. I visited Mom about three nights in a row, met with her as she welcomed my uncle to the Valley and sadly also saw the ugly face that lack of patience and understanding brings, to put it simply, I witnessed people people acting as I never thought they would. All due to stubbornness and miscommunication, still, you would think adults would be a little more classy.

Mom, she is my hero, she cooked yummy food and brought a smile to my sick face, and I do mean the word sick literally. I been feeling like I’m at death’s door for about 12 days now. The influenza virus is serious and it hit me with the force of 1000 horses. Still feeling run down today, but I have hopes I will feel better soon.

Still, I have high hopes, high chocolate cake in the sky hopes. (Bet you thought I would say Apple Pie. I’m not an apple pie kind of person so Chocolate Cake yum is my thing.

Yesterday two hours before the end of 2013, someone wished me Happy New Year, apparently this person has texted my mobile before. So he or she remembered me and Wished me a Happy New Year.

It was a happy out of left field type thing. It gives me a smile and hope that soon my health will improve.

Until next time though. May all your wishes come true. It’s a new year, may it be filled with joy and happiness and lots of chocolate cake. (yeah, I really, really want a chocolate cake). Still the sentiment is there. Think fondly of people who are or were at one point a part of your life. Send happy thoughts the world around. Focus this new year, in the horizon of your destiny and may it be a fun ride.


A year to remember…

Dear Reader,

This will be a year to surely remember. Although is not quite over yet, I have a load of memories that I will cherish for years to come.  This year I have seen people come and go, and in the world of my dreams have had some really messed up ones out of left field, but far more beautiful ones.

All in all I’m very peaceful. I finally got to work on a blanket I started years ago. I had no idea what to do with it, then my mom suggested I keep it around to keep adding to it as time goes on.  I’ve always said, great minds think alike, well not so far back I got a similar suggestion, so having two confirmations I think the blanket will stay, maybe every time I reach a goal, I will add another line or two. As far as how it will look in a few years, I”m sure Nolan’s claws will have something to do with it, but that dude is so adorable I cannot be mad if it looks like a crazy mess.

In the mean time here is hoping the remainder of the year is as wonderful as the past few months have been.

Joy to the world indeed!

Pleasant Chat…

Dear Reader,

With all the craziness of the last month. I have not only had a wonderful visit from one of my best friends, but also got to spend a lot of time with another best bud of mine. Gosh, I missed communicating with people that understand me. I was reading some quotes today while waiting for my mother to come pick me up, when I came across one that helped me understand a lot of things. I don’t quite remember the exact wording. The spirit of the quote was that true friends, will remain your friends regardless of how much time goes by, they will understand you and accept you exactly as you are. So you know, I feel blessed. There is truly few people aside my mother who get me.

So today I laughed and I joked and I talked. Though, I began to notice something. Well, given my recent visit. I process live chats, emails and blogs far faster and more accurately than say live in person interaction.  It is not until the day is done when it’s short that I think of how it could have gone so much better. Something tells me I should socialize more, but then it’s part of who I am.

That is the subject that occupied my recent chat with my best friend. He still thinks, it’s okay though. See, that brings me back my thoughts I’m not a social butterfly, but I do know people who still find me if not fun, at least not a total bore to hang out with.

On to the holiday. Today is my mother’s birthday. We had planned to hang out together, but she could not make it to pick me up so we rescheduled. I know parental birthdays are important, and I was ready to go though not feeling up to it, as I have allergies and they were acting up. Gladly mom thought it was best to hang out in the weekend so we shall see what that brings. Until then, I should most definitively, finish putting things away here because it still looks like I just moved in.

I am only one…

Dear Reader,

Just as I began to believe that people are awesome. Some idiot picks Easter to pull a stunt only worthy of “The Twilight Zone”. No doubt people have too much idle time in their hands for idle chatter and been there, done that ideas.  It was all okay until my best friend Martin was mentioned.

This morning I woke up thinking, what would Martin say? He would probably laugh about it. He was that type to see the good in the worst of situations. Me, I see the bad, before the good, much to his disappointment I’m sure. That is the type of person I am. Moral of the story, “In God I trust, all others in the foreseeable future I will background check and virus scan”., Trust like respect is not given it’s earned.

Until much later, remember there are still good people in this world. We just have to look harder than usual, when you find the good ones cherish them. For they are rare indeed.

Live long, learn and prosper!


Dear Reader,

Oh she’s alive! Yup, I’m alive and well-ish. Right at this moment I”m listening to who else The King of Pop, Rock, and Soul.  I do that when I’m really happy!  Well I have many reasons to celebrate this month. First and foremost not so long ago Thriller *yes the album* turned 30 recently. Britney Spears turned 31. Yey for the birthdays I say. Then there is the material side of happiness. I’m getting a new mobile phone soon.  No I’m not some tech nerd that needs to have the latest everything. I’ve had a generation one phone Huawei Ascend for the past almost three years.  Why? It still did what I needed to do and the only reason I’m upgrading is simply because I need more internal memory. I will finally be online 24-7. At least I hope to be.

Have you ever had an impossible Christmas Wish?  Every year around this time, I turn back the clock and make one impossible Christmas Wish, they have ranged from health to happiness among others. This year I made one, I wanted to reconnect with a best friend or BFFs as the internet now calls them now.  Why oh why, you wonder?  Well, because I do think there are some friendships worth having for a lifetime.  This particular one is.  We finally contacted each other. It was not a tearful reunion only because among other things my eyes weren’t cooperating.  Lately I get this weird vision which I can only describe in Photoshop terms. Imagine you have the best HD Photo and suddenly someone adds a while layer on top and drops the opacity to 70 percent. Add to that a message delay of ten minutes toward the end, and here I sit hoping things are still dandy.

Many reasons to be happy for sure. Why not, life is still young we are still okay so celebrate the small victories in the trials of life. After all it is those victories that keep us looking forward, glancing just a bit back and ready for tomorrow as it may come.

Emma M. Nutt…

Dear Reader,

In days like this when my days run together and nothing new to write about in my daily life comes about I spend the day looking for interesting bits of information that are not exactly part of the Google Doodle of the day.

Today for instance we celebrate the very first female phone operator. Her name was Emma.  In this day and age when phone operators are seldom used thanks in part by Phone books and after that the Internet, it might be lost on the young generation that way back in 1878 a Telephone Dispatch Company known as Edwin and Holmes hired the very first female operator, a huge thing back then as women were not exactly the popular choice for jobs.

What had led to her getting hired was a simple case of having good manners and a soothing voice. Soon there after women became popular in this field. Amazing to think it took one woman’s voice and her amazing patience to jump start it.

So today her amazing leap for all women world wide has not gone unnoticed by yours truly.  Sure we don’t see these kind of ground breaking things happen much these days, but it is the small steps of the past that linger in the present even if the next time you call 411 you get a machine, know that it all started with a human. I hope we can go back to that someday.

Until my next post. Here is hoping for gems in this month. I vote discoveries even in their smallest measures.


Dear Reader,

Today is my sister’s birthday. She is four years my senior. I was suppose to bake a cake for her today, but then like all things, I found out she had a cake already. The poor chocolate cake will have to sit in my cupboard for another day.  I admit I was a little sad, but I figured, it’s not easy to anticipate who will be the one to do all the birthday things before me.  In all fairness, it’s not like she broke with tradition, after all this was the first time I would bake her a cake, to be honest I like the one she got better.

I won’t be seeing her today as I spend the day with my parents yesterday and I’m still recovering from the noise and the busyness of that house. I always characterized myself as someone who can multitask however, when it comes to my parents’ house where my sister still lives with her kids and husband, is way too much activity for my brain to handle.

I have yet to wish her happy birthday, but is not because I’m rude, it is simply that my sister and myself are not that close. In fact, growing up we were like water and oil most of the time.  As adults now we have agreed to disagree. We are at least civil with each other and no unnecessary praises need be given.

I do wish her well though each and ever day; but all the ado of the last three days, has drained my resolve to party.

Growing up with her while not pleasant at times, it had it’s good times too. Like the first time I wore make up, or my first day at middle school and finally my high school graduation. She was there celebrating with me.

Today has a sad undertone to it as well. 14 years ago today, I attended the funeral of my very best friend Martin. I remember all through his wake, hoping it was all a joke and he would get up and laugh about how he had pulled off the ultimate scare. I kept that hope alive, up until the moment I saw his casket slowly drop down to it’s final resting place.  I guess, that was one of my many reasons not to be in such a jolly party mood.

I have yet to master taking the good in with the bad, and making the best of both. We get older with each passing second, so I guess sometime next week, I will wish her happy so many years plus a week of life. After all every second of life should be celebrated and cherished because they are moments that will never return.


Happy Birthday to Mom…

Dear Reader,

Today is a very special day, my mom’s birthday her age, will remain a mystery, but lets just say it’s a milestone.  I’m so happy to be blessed with sharing one more year of her life with her.  She is the most special person you will ever have the honor and blessing to meet. I know we all say that about our parents, but to me it rings true.

She has been through hell and back more times than I care to count and still remains smiling and seeing the good in ever single thing. Today was a bittersweet birthday because my father was not there.  So we visited him a bit, but all in all I think she was happy to have all her kids with her.

Today, was a milestone for her in more ways than one. All her kids are grown and on their path.  Looking at it all from the outside I think she has done an outstanding job.  She helped us through our trials and tribulations, held our puzzle pieces together through our doubts and frustrations, she was there.

My mother is my rock and the person I wish to be like everyday of my life. In celebration of this grandiose day, I dedicate to her a song:

I love you mom, thank you for keeping my head up to the sky.


Dear Reader,

It is no doubt that the 19th is a very good day for a lot of people not just me.  Today is Juneteenth, a holiday celebrating the freedoms of black Americans.  Yey for them!

Today is suppose to be a day of reflection and rejoicing so says the site, dedicated to that holiday.  I’ve done plenty of reflection myself and still continue to do on a day to day basis so I guess you can say I have all the reflecting down to a science.  The rejoicing part… Well that is going to be difficult as the past few months have left little to rejoice about.

Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday, so I guess I better start hopping on the joy train soon. This month I have three birthdays in a one week, lucky me. I guess, I will finally bake that cake after all. Wish me luck.

While in one of those moments of semi deep thought, something did cross my mind today. “If you could trade places with any regular everyday person would you?”  I have no idea why that question came to mind.  Maybe, I would, not so much to live their life, but so that they could live mine.  Having read that you would think I’m misunderstood, however, the premise of this would be, so that whomever be in my place, could give me some insight, show me something about me that is new, or perhaps something I fail to see.

In all of this randomness, I will tell you the dream I had last night.  I was in an office building, one I never visited before, seemed foreign.  It was around Christmas because the office people were looking at catalogs trying to find the most beautiful fiber optics tree, once they picked it out it just appeared on the desk. I was so happy to see it, and as it has happened in most recent dreams, I was apparently waiting for someone, and as is my luck Nolan woke me up just as the person appeared.

To the hospital…

Dear Reader,

Yesterday as you may or may not know was Father’s Day.  I was planning to go home to my parents for a visit and of course, I also had planned to bake a cake.  For some reason the cake idea never got off the ground.  I did see my mother though, and my brother too.  However, it was not in as happy a circumstance as I figured.  My father is in the hospital, he has been there since Saturday night. He has… actually I’m not quite sure what he has, I do know, it’s not looking good as he has been unable to come back home; and won’t be home for another week or so. Point being, it’s not quite as cheery visiting one’s parents in the hospital.  He looked happy though, which is odd for being in a hospital room. None the less if you can smile the place matters not as much as the company in it.

I was thinking if I should be falling apart about now, but if I’m thinking about it, then I’m sure I can keep in one piece.  It’s amazing how much things change in a day to day basis.

We are almost half way done with this year and already I seen and lived through enough gray days to last me a lifetime. Year of  the Dragon after all, they are never easy.

This song always brings a smile to my face, regardless how many shades of gray I see, the sun shines eventually.

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