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Dear Reader,

I am seldom surprised. Yet, today, I got the biggest surprise this year, and while, initially it was a not so happy surprise, it turned out great.

For the longest time, I was considering getting a laptop. Today, that consideration finally turned into fact. As we speak, I am typing on an MSI Laptop. Or as I fondly call it, “A gaming war machine”. Yeah, it’s awesome.

My LaptopNow, let’s focus on the not so good part, which by the way, has nothing to do with the laptop, as it is a beast. It has more to do with my initial reaction, when I was told I be getting it. [insert expletives here]. Yeah, initially I was not so happy, as I’m not really a big spender. I’m more of a practical person, but after it arrived and lots of careful consideration, I thought to myself, “Why not?”. Not to mention it looks BEAUTIFUL…

So am I happy camper? Hell, yeah I am. Good things do happen sometimes but this is one of those times that will live on for more than just a couple of years.

For the practical side of things, I will be updating this blog a lot more often. Plus, reading emails a lot more than I have in the past few months.

Live long and prosper.


I am only one…

Dear Reader,

Just as I began to believe that people are awesome. Some idiot picks Easter to pull a stunt only worthy of “The Twilight Zone”. No doubt people have too much idle time in their hands for idle chatter and been there, done that ideas.  It was all okay until my best friend Martin was mentioned.

This morning I woke up thinking, what would Martin say? He would probably laugh about it. He was that type to see the good in the worst of situations. Me, I see the bad, before the good, much to his disappointment I’m sure. That is the type of person I am. Moral of the story, “In God I trust, all others in the foreseeable future I will background check and virus scan”., Trust like respect is not given it’s earned.

Until much later, remember there are still good people in this world. We just have to look harder than usual, when you find the good ones cherish them. For they are rare indeed.

Live long, learn and prosper!

The Star Spangled Banner…

Dear Reader,

About two years ago, I was walking down the street from my mother’s house on my way to McDonald’s for a breakfast burrito. The weather was pleasant and the rush to get to school seemed to have passed on the streets.  Everything was as calm as it could be for a city.  Something on that walk caught my eye. There it sat on the side of the road discarded and crumpled, like many a writer’s thought. Good old red, white and blue. My eyes lit up, I extended it out and looked at it with pride. Even told my now husband I would never, ever part with it. To this day, it still has a place in my house.

The American flag has been a staple at many events, some political such as the inauguration, and others like the recently celebrated Super Bowl; we all know wherever the flag is the National Anthem is sure to follow. So every now and again I watch it on TV and why not. I will admit I sing along, in part to see if I still remember the lyrics and in part because it reminds me of everything I learned in American History class. A sense of there we were and here we stand today, still singing The Star Spangled Banner since it officially became our national anthem back on March 3rd, 1931.

The Star Spangled Banner has made the headlines every year for a number of years now. All headlines pretty much the same; “So and so forgot the lyrics — so and so sang it horribly — it was made too long — it was so perfect because it was lip-synched”.

It’s no wonder it made the headlines, these people who caused them are professional singers, or what passes for it these days. The thing is though, it’s the national anthem, it’s not meant sound flawless but it’s meant to be sung live. Granted playback or lip synching has been accepted since the 80’s, after all how else can they jump all over the stage and still sound good doing it. No problem there, it’s their music and their style. The national anthem however, is not theirs is ours collectively. While they can fake sing their entire career, the national anthem is just one thing where I find it unacceptable. Sure, it’s difficult to reach a consensus, after all you can’t please everybody.  As for making it too long such as Alicia Keys did with her rendition of it yesterday. Come on! It’s the national anthem, it’s way to short to make it sound so endless. The more I heard “her version” the more I think, the problem is she added the time in all the wrong places; but hey, it’s all for the record books right? After all, her version is the longest rendition for a sports event to date, according to Yahoo Sports. As far as forgetting the lyrics goes, are you kidding me! You mean to tell me it’s really so impossible to remember two paragraphs? Give me a break.  I memorized 9 paragraphs of the Raven in less than forty eight hours for an English assignment and people who make a living out of memorizing longer, songs forget the lyrics? Absolutely unforgivable and down right disrespectful.

I know, maybe it’s  asking too much for the Star Spangled banner to be sung right and live; but don’t forget what it stands for, why it was written. I’m not asking for the best vocal cords in the business, nor am I asking for a drag along, or and edited version.  All I want is some respect for all the men and women it represents. Forgetting the lyrics or lip-synching is not only classless it’s inexcusable. I wonder how long it will take the events in which the national anthem is featured to start using school choruses, or military bands to do the singing. At least they will not forget the lyrics or require a playback.

Emma M. Nutt…

Dear Reader,

In days like this when my days run together and nothing new to write about in my daily life comes about I spend the day looking for interesting bits of information that are not exactly part of the Google Doodle of the day.

Today for instance we celebrate the very first female phone operator. Her name was Emma.  In this day and age when phone operators are seldom used thanks in part by Phone books and after that the Internet, it might be lost on the young generation that way back in 1878 a Telephone Dispatch Company known as Edwin and Holmes hired the very first female operator, a huge thing back then as women were not exactly the popular choice for jobs.

What had led to her getting hired was a simple case of having good manners and a soothing voice. Soon there after women became popular in this field. Amazing to think it took one woman’s voice and her amazing patience to jump start it.

So today her amazing leap for all women world wide has not gone unnoticed by yours truly.  Sure we don’t see these kind of ground breaking things happen much these days, but it is the small steps of the past that linger in the present even if the next time you call 411 you get a machine, know that it all started with a human. I hope we can go back to that someday.

Until my next post. Here is hoping for gems in this month. I vote discoveries even in their smallest measures.

One of those days…

Dear Reader,

Maybe it’s because I’m a creature of habit, and I’m very sensitive to when things change, and things must always change. Only a few days ago. I received a really happy offline, that promised a possible chat would be in my future. Well ever since then it’s been strange.  The little interaction seems to be terse and to the point felt almost like an obligation. So… unlike the usual. I guess is just one of those days.

I had one of those days yesterday. It rained like never before with thunder and lighting. If you don’t know by now I’m deadly afraid of thunder and lighting, yet I love rain what a contradiction. So I had to put up that for about 30 minutes, it’s not an exaggeration by any means, it was so bad that car alarms went off every time.

On top of that mom was having issues with something, and I found out another tech issue had taken place with a site, I was to build the stress level was not helping. I’ve had dreams which actually reflect all that stress and just general bad vibe around me lately. One had Hitler in it and the other had rain clouds, and the latest had the Titanic in it. Go figure.

So I guess what just took place this morning should have been no surprise. I know Yahoo has connection issues from time to time, and still I cannot shake the fact that maybe, just maybe, if Yahoo Messenger was a phone, I get the feeling I got hang up on. Then I think, what could be so bad as to deserve hanging up on someone or in my case people logging off mid conversation?  Your guess is as good as mine. So much for really wanting to chat huh? Okay so it was not mid conversation in fact, it was not much of a conversation just a bunch of, “yes, ok”. Then “Yahoo User is Now Offline”.

When I log off on people it’s usually because of a bad day. I hoping the day gets better until then. This girl is going to get some rest and not obsess over things I cannot change, deal with things that do and enjoy all in between.

Hot in Here…

Dear Reader,

Just when we think, things could not get any worse they do. For instance, my air conditioner breaking at exactly four pm yesterday. That was many, many shades of horrible. I been there, done that three or four times. Each time though I manage to retain my sanity for a while longer the last.

This time, I called the front office and try as they did they could not get anyone here in time for my AC to get fixed.  So we spent the night in another unit was an exact replica of mine. Yet no one not even my cats felt comfortable one bit.  Nothing to do but read, and read I did, I got done with most of a Conan Doyle chapter. Awesome stuff. I was about to celebrate, that it had gone better. When I discovered a huge message delay on my Generation One smart phone. To make matters worse auto correct was not doing me any favors. Once I discovered what it said was not at all what I meant to say, I made it part of the conversation, like I meant to type it for a laugh. Talk about wrong thing wrong time.

It all got sorted out just hours ago though. All is right in the world. I wiped my cell back to factory settings so is just a cell phone now, but that is all I need, after all, the convenience of the apps, has proven more trouble than it’s worth.

I did do something for the first time today though, I went to church which is just down the street from me, and to my surprise I was the only person under forty there at that particular time.  I caught the leg end of a service and left.  Something tells me going to church is not as popular as it used to be.

I’m thinking of going again Sunday, but I gather it won’t see much difference. Other than that, I almost played chess with one of the tenants in the lobby, but it’s either the nights ill sleep or the fact the it was hotter than hell, but I was in no mood for games.

Finally the AC got fixed by maintenance turns out no professional was required and the fix took less than ten minutes. You live and learn daily. Now I know what to say next time this happens as it has happened twice it is not a matter of if, but when.

Until that happens I will enjoy the cool AC driven 74 degrees of goodness.

In the Dark….

Dear Reader,

Yesterday afternoon, was a day like any other the temperatures dropping ready for the sun to set behind the mountain. The cats were being playful, everything was quiet, like the calm before the storm. Then seven minutes past the hour I hear it. I turn to see the lights in the dining room flicker and a hum sort of noise noise from above me, and before I could react it was eight minutes past the hour and total silence. The power had gone out.

I figured it be back on within the hour, so I took out my scrabble board and I played a game. I lost spectacularly, best score to date. About an hour or two later, the temperature in my place had shot up about ten degrees. I learned a lot about myself yesterday. I’m the most horrible person to be around during a power outage.  I panic like a claustrophobic who finds himself stuck in an elevator for more than a few minutes.

By about 11 PM, I decided it was time for some air. I sat at the top of the stairs outside my door, and looked up at the sky, to pass the time I counted palm trees, and when that failed to amuse me even stars were counted. I looked for the moon and even it decided not to grace me with it’s light. Then it dawned on me, last night was the first night I actually sat on those stairs, waiting for something.

My about half past midnight, I had one of those talks with myself. The world was not over, I was fine, and for a moment I pictured, I was simply stuck in a pre Thomas A. Edison time period. Minus the candles. I felt foolish, making such a fuss. I was foolish, I see that now.

For it was not until this moment that I realized, that while I sat in a hot apartment in total darkness. Dark things were happening, somewhere out there. I read the Yahoo headlines, but unlike, most times, I just skimmed the facts: Shooting, lots of victims. It’s not that I brushed it off, it just simply hit me… As bad as yesterday could have been for me, others had it much worse. Which is not to say my on issues were not pressing, but somehow I realize, that we should try to make the best of a bad situation. Accept the things that you can’t change, work on the things you can and be wise enough to know the difference.

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