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Ruby Red…

Dear Reader,

I like my games pretty, but more than that I love my game accessories to be pretty too. I am  a girl after all. Yesterday, I found myself dancing around my living room, but this time for much more different reason than I did three years ago.  Last night I was surprised by this:


I’ve played ever installment of the Diablo franchise so far. Last year, I was heart broken to find they were releasing Diablo 3 for PC. Now my PC is not bad, but it’s not close to the gaming beast I had three years ago. Then yesterday, as I was going about my day finally putting the finishing touches in my apartment. (It looked like Hurricane Andrew hit it with force). Now it looks like a vacation home you see in a magazine. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. I was feeling really good, my first victory in a while well second one if you count the Chicken for a few days ago. So I was feeling good. Dancing around to MJ music in my living room and losing myself in the thoughts of what made me happy 3 years ago. It was a good day. Then, this arrived.

It’s a little known fact unless you know me. I’m a HUGE fan of Coca-Cola, I love it the brand the color of the can and the soda. So that controller is the most awesome thing I’ve seen so far. So this perfect day, got even better when attached to all this awesome was an order of Panda Express, and an ice cold Coca-Cola. Oh yes, there is balance in the world.

This arrived for me yesterday. Now that the dust has settled I asked, “What’s this for, it’s not Christmas or my Birthday”. Answer, “Because as you always say great things happen today. Also, your reaction a moment ago was priceless” That in a nutshell was the reason. In all seriousness, I think I been too sad lately, so it was an attempt to see me smile. Well, it worked!

Yesterday, has gone and passed, and silence is still in the air. Oh well off to kill Diablo’s minions until the planet align again if they ever do.

Stay positive, live, dream dream big. There will always be dreams, as long as there is someone willing to dream them. Peace out!

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