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Art or Not….

Dear Reader,

As the old saying goes “… a place for everything and everything it it’s place”. It is this thought, that gave me hope, that websites would remain age appropriate. Yesterday, while wondering the Facebook network. Yes, I have returned to it but not as an active posting member. It’s just simpler to communicate with family and the few good friends I have. Anyway, I came across a page dedicated to “big butts”. Gasp you should. Now cultivate those images running through your mind and that is exactly the content you will find in that page. So, I did what anyone reasonable enough would do, and I reported that page, under “Nudity/Pornography”.  It took Facebook less than ten minutes to reply back.

In short the response was that this page would not be removed because it fell under “artful nudity”. In case I was stupid, they gave me examples in which they mentioned “Michael Angelo’s David”.

Now, you can imagine my jaw fell to the floor.

Before I continue, let me tell you as an adult, I don’t have a problem with nudity nor pornography, they serve a purpose. Yes, I also agree, that in some circles it’s considered art.

However, consider this: This network, is open to people as young as 13. I’ve also know people under 13, who fake their age to join. Like it’s hard right?

So imagine my surprise, when they dared to compare sexually suggestive photos of a women in barely there thongs to Michael Angelo’s David, and further more consider that acceptable. Now, I’m not surprised why millions are going to other networks such as Twitter.

Art is in the eye of the beholder, however, if what you consider art is best suited as the cover of a porn film/magizine. Then chances are, it’s not suited for the eyes of an under age child.

Blurring the line between pornography, sexually suggestive nudity and true art, cheapens the work of people like Michael Angelo, because last time I checked no man or for that matter no woman was having happy private time to the photos of Michael Angelo’s David.


Pleasant Chat…

Dear Reader,

With all the craziness of the last month. I have not only had a wonderful visit from one of my best friends, but also got to spend a lot of time with another best bud of mine. Gosh, I missed communicating with people that understand me. I was reading some quotes today while waiting for my mother to come pick me up, when I came across one that helped me understand a lot of things. I don’t quite remember the exact wording. The spirit of the quote was that true friends, will remain your friends regardless of how much time goes by, they will understand you and accept you exactly as you are. So you know, I feel blessed. There is truly few people aside my mother who get me.

So today I laughed and I joked and I talked. Though, I began to notice something. Well, given my recent visit. I process live chats, emails and blogs far faster and more accurately than say live in person interaction.  It is not until the day is done when it’s short that I think of how it could have gone so much better. Something tells me I should socialize more, but then it’s part of who I am.

That is the subject that occupied my recent chat with my best friend. He still thinks, it’s okay though. See, that brings me back my thoughts I’m not a social butterfly, but I do know people who still find me if not fun, at least not a total bore to hang out with.

On to the holiday. Today is my mother’s birthday. We had planned to hang out together, but she could not make it to pick me up so we rescheduled. I know parental birthdays are important, and I was ready to go though not feeling up to it, as I have allergies and they were acting up. Gladly mom thought it was best to hang out in the weekend so we shall see what that brings. Until then, I should most definitively, finish putting things away here because it still looks like I just moved in.

A visit….

Dear Reader,

Oh yes! The shock this girl got a visit.  Further more, though the visit was from someone I have not seen in nearly a decade.  I almost thought it wouldn’t be. The flight got delayed the traffic was horrible. Yet still after all that traveling I saw my best friend. Mind you when it comes to me it’s a very, very short list of best friends. So of course getting ready took me twelve hours, I must have changed clothes loads of times that day, and yes, I even wore make up. I know what you are thinking, “but you don’t wear make up!”. His thoughts exactly. Yeah my best friend is a guy, though as my mother put it. “It’s not a new thing”. It’s been that way since I was old enough to socialize.

As you so well know, me and girls well, we just don’t find common ground.

We went out for ice cream, just like the very first day we met at a library. While we only spent a few minutes in each others company I would certainly do it again. He is still a blast to hang out with. Truth be told I would have spent hours in his company, however, he was here for work and looked very tired. Hopefully, by the next visit, I will already know my way around and have a whole day planned.  Until then, I woke up happy, content for is not the number of friends you keep it is the quality of friends you have that matters.


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