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Goodbye Facebook…

Dear Reader,

After years of belonging to Facebook it finally and irreversibly went the way of MySpace.

I realize that while I may seem smart to some, there are still a great many things that elude me. Proper use of Facebook and all that encompasses, is a lesson I learned the hard way.

I am used to losing friends all the time, however, this time it shocked me to the core. I figured maybe I had successfully debated my point and all was well. However,third parties, filibustered until a friendship of nearly 10 years was for all intents and purposes over at least in the digital public eye.

Then there was the case of too much vulgarity among people who are considered far more educated than their words lead on. Let me just say, my hopes for humanity are not shattered but certainly cracked. Facebook, stop being fun and it turned into a nightmare which was best deleted, or as close as one can get to that.

I deleted years of activity. Photos and all. Then I deactivated. No looking back. Boy, the hours I spent of reading recorded activity, it’s insane. I’m almost 31. It’s about time I find a new outlet, and you know what they say, best thing to do is always go back to the beginning. So email it is. Wish me luck!


All is quiet

Dear Reader,

Sometimes no matter how hard we try to stay close to those we hold dear, we fail. Sometimes is life and then some is the Internet.

I have spent a good chunk of the past few weeks explaining to friend and family members that I am online. That I am unable to send messages and or receive them.

As a result of this I have lost contact with loved ones. I have tried it all, sadly nothing has worked. Socially it bites. Then again, some real alone time to go with the mood may do wonders for my writing if nothing else.

My First Place… (A note for Facebook)

Dear Reader,

I wrote my first ever note on Facebook, I’ll admit, I been more “social” there in the past month.  However, difficult some people may find this to believe, I had my moments where I deleted and started over, and then did nothing with it for a long time. This has never been a problem, though I find recently some people have made it their business to frown upon my sudden omnipresent presence. So, this note will be lost to all there I’m sure. So I share it with the rest of you. As it is my first note on that network and maybe my last.  It was inspired by my moving  soon to a new place.

This is the story of my first place. I have lived everywhere and nowhere at all. I have been a guest, a family member, but always have been somewhere with someone. At times absent and others present, more times sometimes and others barely there and in some rare a moment, invisible like air.

So this is the story of my first place. It has doors that lead places. The main door of course, and once you are in, you can almost see it all. To the right, yet another door that leads to a place that holds my dreams, and all my clothes. It’s just the right size of course.

It has a kitchen, that is so small it fits but one person at a moment you know. The stove holds all my eggs there once cooked, the many pizzas and cakes galore. I tried making a sauce something once but at once the taste for it was lost.

It was a time to grow and do many things, I know. Some I learned like never leave the keys on the door and always clean the floors, oh those things were at times such a bore. Not all fun was lost after all. Did I tell you I do have two cats. They are great fun, even if sometimes they act like total brats.

In the last two years or so to the day, I seen my hair gray just a bit, I seen many a day with joy and delight there been lows as much as highs. All in all this place of mine has held my memories down to the last one. It is a place like many, with doors to somewhere and windows to the outside air. With memories and things and walls to hold it all like a pair of apron strings.

To some degree it captures in a somewhat small summary the last two years. Moving is not always fun, but this time I’m looking forward to it, and I hope I will have many happy things to report in the coming months, but if I don’t write for a while you know I must be in the middle of settling in.  Until my next entry, live, learn and prosper!

I am only one…

Dear Reader,

Just as I began to believe that people are awesome. Some idiot picks Easter to pull a stunt only worthy of “The Twilight Zone”. No doubt people have too much idle time in their hands for idle chatter and been there, done that ideas.  It was all okay until my best friend Martin was mentioned.

This morning I woke up thinking, what would Martin say? He would probably laugh about it. He was that type to see the good in the worst of situations. Me, I see the bad, before the good, much to his disappointment I’m sure. That is the type of person I am. Moral of the story, “In God I trust, all others in the foreseeable future I will background check and virus scan”., Trust like respect is not given it’s earned.

Until much later, remember there are still good people in this world. We just have to look harder than usual, when you find the good ones cherish them. For they are rare indeed.

Live long, learn and prosper!

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