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Dear Reader,

I spent the day watching movies, mostly Korean movies. I like the language and some bits, I already understand.  The story line is nothing new, but it’s some how refreshing to see it, from their perspective.

I caught myself wondering how I must sound in Spanish to people who only speak English for example, do my words sound as run together as Korean does to me? Perhaps. It was not just he language I wondered about; it is also me as a person. I’ve grown up with so many influences from different parts of the world, that I see myself as a mish mosh of all of them. A really cool one, I might add.

I also felt foreign to my space, like I should be somewhere else. Then, I thought who doesn’t. Life has it’s moments, when I wonder what if… yes, there are things I wish I could have done different, things I could have said different, but then I am who I am. As terrible or good a person as I can be, I am perhaps, the most forgiving one I know. Take my friends for instance, I have known some for over ten years, over those years we have stepped on each others toes, and even stopped calling. Yet, if my phone were to ring, I’d be answering it gladly. To some the concept is foreign, or pathetic. Take your pick. Either way, that’s me.

I’m pretty much like an indoor cat, the concept of going out into nature is very new to me, I’ve never been fully comfortable going out and being one with nature. I tried though, just a few days back, and been trying ever since, pretty cool, is just not my thing, as I told mom, “Face it I’m a geek, I am at peace when in front of the PC screen”. She has come to accept that. She always, tried telling me, “you should take a page off XYZ’s book, he goes out, he gets on his bike, he lets the sun hit him in the face once in a while”. Yes, my mother thinks the world of the only friend I got left. Lately, though she has been cutting me some slack, even tries to talk about my PC projects, which lately have been put on hold for lack of inspiration.

Yes, the real world is wonderful, and even though more often than not it’s the road not taken, that does not mean I don’t know how it works. The perk of being an observer, bystander or whatever you call it, is that I get to know people very well so far. I will let you know when “very well” becomes “so so”. Until then and for a while it seems, you are my only recipient. That being said, since I have no one to share my random questions of the day I will ask you.

Random question time, If you could see anything out in space, planets stars galaxies, and see them well, in all their glorious detail which would you pick?  I will let you know my answer tomorrow. Remember, it’s good to be sad, but it’s even greater to be filled with Joy.

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