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Anonymous Wishes…

Dear Reader,

First of all Happy New Year.  I’ve had a very eventful last two weeks of the year. As it happens with holidays, it is a time to see family and wish them the best. I visited Mom about three nights in a row, met with her as she welcomed my uncle to the Valley and sadly also saw the ugly face that lack of patience and understanding brings, to put it simply, I witnessed people people acting as I never thought they would. All due to stubbornness and miscommunication, still, you would think adults would be a little more classy.

Mom, she is my hero, she cooked yummy food and brought a smile to my sick face, and I do mean the word sick literally. I been feeling like I’m at death’s door for about 12 days now. The influenza virus is serious and it hit me with the force of 1000 horses. Still feeling run down today, but I have hopes I will feel better soon.

Still, I have high hopes, high chocolate cake in the sky hopes. (Bet you thought I would say Apple Pie. I’m not an apple pie kind of person so Chocolate Cake yum is my thing.

Yesterday two hours before the end of 2013, someone wished me Happy New Year, apparently this person has texted my mobile before. So he or she remembered me and Wished me a Happy New Year.

It was a happy out of left field type thing. It gives me a smile and hope that soon my health will improve.

Until next time though. May all your wishes come true. It’s a new year, may it be filled with joy and happiness and lots of chocolate cake. (yeah, I really, really want a chocolate cake). Still the sentiment is there. Think fondly of people who are or were at one point a part of your life. Send happy thoughts the world around. Focus this new year, in the horizon of your destiny and may it be a fun ride.


You will never know…

Dear Reader,

We usually hear the words, “You will never know until you try”,  from our parents when we are young; and it usually involves learning to ride a bike or doing anything of the similar fashion.  As we age, however, we learn to apply them to many things.

The last time I remember hearing those words from my mother was when she had the bright idea (I’m not being sarcastic here) of me joining an Automated Office Skills Class. Which was basically a class on how to use a typewriter, a computer and pretty much learn the skills for an entry level office position. Of course, I refused since I never intended to use a computer nor had I been successful in my three previous attempts to try and learn to type? Keep in mind learning touch typing was a requirement for passing the class. She then gave me those wise words, to which I could have replied, “but mom, I did try, three times!” of course being my mother, she would have probably said, “I know honey, but you didn’t try this one!  Okay so she would have said something more along the lines of “do it or else!” regardles, we can agree like Burger King she would have it her way. Thus I tried and thanks to those building blocks, here I am!

Today I took a very scary? (yes, I am still wondering if scary is the right word to use there) step forward.  I’ve made contact with my best friend, whom I have not talked to in over a month now. Which does not seem like a long time but in this day and age, where information flies at (words per minute + motor skills / internet speed) in can feel like light years. Plus, I’ve been thinking a lot about what he’s been up to and such. Granted his blog keeps me informed, but it’s not the same, as those mornings looking forward to reading about his daily life.

I guess scary part of it, is the uncertainty of not knowing if I just spent a whole two weeks, wondering if I should write or not, only to end up writing to the air, that is if there is no reply. Then if there is will it be even worse than the final email? Or will, it be the beginning of a fresh new start?  Well, as Jeremy Lin put it once at the height of his notoriety, “Hope for the best, and prepare for the worst”. Either way, I guess we shall know eventually.

A Moment for Life…

Dear Reader,

Who said TV does not inspire.  Lately I been seeing this whimsical, for a lack of a better word, Pepsi Commercial,  The slogan is “Live for Now”.  Usually the moments in our lives are punctuated and are remembered more by the things that happen around us than for what actually happens.

I’m not a particularly huge fan of Nikki whatever her name is, in my opinion Michael and Britney have done worlds better.  However this repetitive question did get me thinking, about how would you answer it.  The question this time is “If I could have this moment for life?” Granted, is not quite a question but I drowned the rest of the lyrics, and asked my self what if.

If I could have any moment for life which would it be and why?  I have many wonderful memories in my life especially in the last seven years.

The more I thought about it I would have given anything to have, the bus rides to school with my best friend Martin.  Those are the moments I think back on these days.  He made me laugh cheered me up and taught me a thing or two about people. I would definitively have those moments for life.

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