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Dear Reader,

The last few days have had a feeling of strange in them. The weather has been unusually colder than normal. I half expected to see snow in the mountains and even some heavy rain. Of course it does not help that there has been earthquake activity in this city. However, nothing has prepared me for what I learned. Everest has moved. On Sunday at noon, Nepal time an 8.1 magnitude earthquake shook Everest. The damage and devastation are reminiscent of the 1985 earthquake that struck Mexico City. My prayers are with them.

Living in a state that is in constant movement. I can tell you, I’ve been through some very destructive earthquakes in my lifetime. Northridge, among others. The highest being a 7.1. Even so, I can’t ever get used to the ground moving under me. The experience is still terrifying. The sounds one hears are not easily forgotten.

The thing with earthquakes is that regardless of all the technology around us we have yet to predict one with certainty. That is what makes them even more scary, I suppose. All we can do is be ready. Pray for a good outcome and hope it’s decades before the earth decides to move strongly enough to notice.


Not all that glitters is gold…

Dear Reader,

It is easy to say, “Be the change you want to see in the world”. After all, who is to say, you aren’t trying to start with the man in the mirror? No one. Some people, however, say things worthy of a Michael Jackson song simply for mass appeal, to sound philosophical, humble or intelligent. Whatever the reason, we hope they mean what they say, or that given the opportunity they will practice what they preach. Quite recently Britt McHenry, a ESPN reporter by the grace of God, Destiny, the Universe, or good old fashioned Karma got such an opportunity.

Ms. McHenry, posted on Facebook on March 29, something about the impact words can have, we should always say nice things. Less, than 14 days later, she went out parked her car, had dinner and for reasons known only to her, she left without it. When she came back the next morning, naturally she expected to find it exactly where she left it. To no one’s surprise but her own the car had been towed. Granted, the company that towed her car has a horrible rating online, but even bad companies do their job right once in a while. What followed was something worthy of the movie “Mean Girls”

Find video here. Be warned, the language is explicit

There are two sides to every story, and I’m sure there is more to this video than the edited version that has made the rounds online. I just cannot fathom what could have been said to her to deserve the tongue slashing she delivered.

For all the education Ms. McHenry boasts about, you would think she would have learned the basics, like, never become the story, maintain grace under pressure, and my personal favorite, anything you do can and will eventually end up on online.

As expected ESPN has suspended her for one week effective yesterday. She has not apologized to the lady. I doubt she ever well, and by the looks of it, she is not at all sorry for her actions, she is sorry she got caught. While, the world will soon forget this debacle. I won’t.

Not a week goes by that I don’t read a story about a kid getting bullied in one way or another. It just makes my skin crawl when I see what by age qualifies as an adult being the bully. Ms. McHenry, is certainly being part of the problem rather than the solution. If there was any hope of the pretty Regina Gorge, to be simply a figment of Hollywood, that hope has been dashed. Pretty, blonde, and mean.

Like the tag line to the movie Chicago says, “If you can’t be famous, be infamous”.

Whatever, the future holds for Ms. McHenry, I hope sooner rather than later, she becomes the person she pretends to be.

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