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Dear Reader,

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word “Frankenstein”? If you are like most of us you probably think of a ghoul with bolts on his neck. Recently, my friend Mickey stopped by for a visit, and  spoke of scars he received compliments of a cat. Being October I thought to reply to his comments by saying, “Oh you looked like Frankenstein”. A light bulb went off in his head, and he said finally. “Frankenstein or Frankenstein’s Monster”.  He felt like he had won one, against me. Just like old times, I quickly said, “I meant Frankenstein, not Victor Frankenstein, I would have dropped the last name and called you Victor if that is what I meant.”

My reasoning behind that which I explained to him, actually impressed him very much. Secretly I was happy to have impressed someone I have known for so long.  Now, my reasoning, behind my response, was not a defense of, well everyone calls him that. Far simpler than that.  In Mary Shelly’s book, Frankenstein’s creation has no name, and is simply referred to as “it, monster, creature, or the Adam of your labors”.  He has no official name. So, I explained to him, that in China, children are named by their parents, “Last name first”. Since Frankenstein’s creation was created by him, well it was only fair. He was impressed. After he left, I thought more about this. Then, thought of all the babies in the hospitals that have yet to be named, they are called “Last Name, baby”. So, in my mind Victor Frankenstein’s creation should be called Frankenstein to know where he comes from and not given a first name his last name becomes his first and last identity.

So with that, ends that argument of what to call him.  Of course, you can always call him Frankenstein’s monster. However, that would make him property, and we don’t want to open that can of worms. So let’s stick to the tried and true.


Skype Joy…

Dear Reader,

For the past week, a friend of mine from Mexico, Rudy, has been telling me he would be on Skype, that I should log in, and then we can live chat. Being he, the only MJ fan I know that I can talk to and have fun with sharing stories of MJ’s music news stories and such. I looked forward to it, that and he was going to tell me all about his new boyfriend.

So there I am like a good girl, logged in on Facebook, Skype and Yahoo, from the moment I was awake til I went to bed, which like I put it is pretty much London time. I’m weird like that.  Then I saw a blast from the very recent past log in, and I smiled, because I though right then, “All is well”. I’m not rude or anything, I would have said hello, but I have not exactly heard a reply to any emails I sent a while back, and I don’t know what the social convention is, but I’m pretty sure that is a passive way to say, “Don’t bother me”.

It happened so for 3 nights, and I thought, of how odd it was. I have not logged in to Skype in almost a year maybe more, and the very night I do, There is a person I still consider Martin Status Best Friend. I send good thoughts, smiled and continued reading, building my puzzles or watching “Burn Notice”. A few moments, during the day I thought of Martin, and what it would be like now had he lived to be as old as me. I fancied what it would have been like had he started using email. My guess is, he would have had a blast with Google Image Search, finding the scariest images to try to make me jump off my seat. For some reason scaring the daylights out of me, was always a source of the greatest fun for him.  It was always in good fun though, never cruel, the times he tried scaring me in school were awesome we always ended up laughing afterward. Often times I see videos like Michael Jackson’s Ghosts and think, he would have had a blast with it, because it had good special effects, talking parts and music, he often said, he could moonwalk in his chair just like MJ.

Like my mother told me when he died more than 13 years ago. “Don’t be sad that he is gone, be happy that you got to know him”. I gotta say, she is right. Still, sometimes I do miss his smile, and the way he always made the best of even the worst situation,  Or the look on his face when I ate super hot sauce with my lunch, he looked at me like he was waiting for me to explode.

As for Rudy he has yet, to log in. It’s all good, I don’t think he likes Skype much anyway, still, Skype did make me smile, so win win situation.Until my next post remember, it may not always be an easy thing to be happy, but it sure is the most fun of all of them.

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