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Mail Delivery…

Dear Reader,

I have no complaints as to where I live, I love it here. It’s small but then again it’s functional, so it works. I can even put up with my neighbors; I figure there is no need to complain, it’s not their fault that our doors are so close together, nor is it their fault that every time they make a phone call they feel they need to stand right outside; speaking Spanish, as though that was privacy enough. Then again, they have no idea that I speak Spanish flawlessly! Maybe it’s because they have yet to grasp the multiple hints I’ve given them, for some people it takes a while to sink in.

There is however, one thing I cannot seem to wrap my head around and it makes me feel as though I lived in the days of the Pony Express, (short lived first attempt at mail delivery). What is that? You might ask, well, it’s my mail delivery. At first it was okay, then one letter failed to arrive, then later another letter, and so on and so forth, ongoing until this day. Now 99 percent of letters, parcels or postcards will be sent back or get lost. With various reasons given such as:  “Undeliverable as addressed”, “Address does not exist” among others. Yes, you read correctly, “Address does not exist.” I can see my address on Google Maps, I can get directions to and from it to somewhere else, yet the U.S. Postal Service is apparently oblivious to it.

In recent years, I was contemplating the future of mail delivery. With everything going digital, I often wondered how the post office would fare. Then I saw the rising prices. I am only 30 years old, and in my lifetime mailing a single letter, has gone from$0.29 cents to $0.46. I was not shocked after all, it’s not as common to mail letters today, as it used to be 15 years ago. I suppose they will also continue receiving business from places like Amazon, Ebay, and many others; as they have yet to invent teleportation. So, I guess, they will still have stuff to deliver. However, the more things go digital the more  they are failing at something they should have down to a science by now, after all  they’ve been doing it for over 100 years. It’s not only the U.S. Postal service that fails. It is also the United Parcel Service, then again, it does not surprise me, something about their tracking and delivery is now linked to the U.S. Post Office, so failure is not only expected it’s guaranteed. No doubt, this is a prime example of when working together is a terrible idea. Oh so many companies we have dreamed would someday work together for the greater good or the bigger profit margin, but this pair is definitively not one of them.

Normally I would not care so much about something that is becoming as unused as a telephone book, but it does say somewhere that interfering with the mail is a federal offense. Since my mail, does not even make it to my building before it is returned someone is clearly interfering with it; but I guess such laws do not apply computers, as I’m sure, they will blame all this mess on computer error. To that I say, a computer is only as good as the person in front of it.

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