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The Oscar Goes To…

Dear Reader,

So, it has come to my attention that the Oscars took place last month. I have not been so busy that I would not notice the most important award show in the movie industry. It was not that for sure.

For a long while now, I been out of the loop. The last movie I saw in theaters was Tangled.  Since then, though, the Oscars have not been a priority to me. They seem as out of the loop as I am. Gone are the days, when all a took for you to consider a movie, for movie night was the words “Oscar Nominated” or “Oscar Winner”. Now granted, I stopped going to the movies, but there is always Netflix and such other services. When I eventually get around to watching the winners, I can’t say that I agree. Maybe, I’m not as old as the voters, so I cannot understand. Some things are better understood with age, take Golden Girls for example, when I was younger, I found the show boring. Now, that I’m older, and understand the subject matter I actually laugh, and enjoy the show very much. So that must be it. Then, I have to remind myself, not all movies in Hollywood are the Golden Girls, some movies require the review of the target audience. I doubt Sony Pictures, Paramount, 20th Century Fox and the like made movies targeted to people over 60, which is the average age of the people who decide who gets every award. Sometimes, I doubt they even watch or give the same level of attention to every actor, movie, and song among other categories that come to their attention.  I am not alone in thinking this either.

To further state my point on how little attention span they give to the once honorable Academy, here is yet another example: They usually have a section of the awards show dedicated to the recently departed, “In Memoriam” and more often than not, it’s executives and people that are members of the Academy, and not the celebrities themselves, which is suppose to be the main focus.  This year they forgot Joan Rivers, along with 23 other celebrities with outstanding contributions to Hollywood. This is not the first time, it happens practically every year.

What could be the cause of this? We are left to wonder, but the Oscars are certainly not what they used to be. So it is no surprise the the ratings dropped to a record low, yes, we all want to blame the host. Granted, in the past it was a good way to go, but this year, seeing who won on each category, I can understand why it has very fast become a royal waste of time. It does not reflect the young, old or in between generation. Their supposed rules for winning are more contradictory and misleading than a politician. I highly doubt even movie studios know what it takes to make an Oscar worthy movie. Thank heavens for that, otherwise movie studios would be putting out something far more worthy of a Razzie than an Oscar.

To be honest, I think Netflix does a better job at guessing what I would like to watch or own, than the Oscars do. No longer are the words, “Oscar Nominated…” or “Oscar Winner” synonymous with a good movie or a movie worth owning. There is no denying it, the Academy is in dire need of an overhaul and fast.

Until then the Oscar goes to…. not a movie I’ll be watching anytime soon.



Dear Reader,

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve done a movie review.  Mostly because I don’t know what to say that would differ from the general consensus.

Lately I’ve spent a lot of time on Justin.TV. One of it’s users highly recommended the movie Insidious. Even warning me not to watch it alone.  That it was not recommended. Thinking of it, most everyone speaks highly of it, after all it’s done by the creators of “Saw” so it’s not hard to take the leap into thinking this will be just as good.

The movie started with a very classic Omen type feel to it. I was excited to see what James Wan and the others had cooked up. The scenery was great. Then the nails to chalk board came in when they had this incessant cry baby, literally crying and it made it a little difficult to focus.  First half the movie was was just noises and a few glimpses of what was to come.

When the scares did come, it felt more like Scary Movie. It was so laughable, I wondered why so many people were talking so highly of it’s “spine tingling horror”. For me it felt like too many ideas dropped in the bowl and not a single one explained fully to excuse it being there.  The paranormal terms were well used I suppose, but even they opened questions that were never addressed. Throughout the story you see other movies referenced and all that accomplished was making you yearn for  a good scare.

The ending was light and hardly left it open ended.  I sat there thinking, I’m watching the same movie right?  I did see the light minutes of action and the hardly scary ghosts. Is there something in the scare factor I was not seeing?  I’ve seen shows like “Once Upon a Time…” They are experts in that show at making short spurts of action look awesome. So I know that can be done. This movie had 103 minutes to deliver scares and action to the max on a Hollywood budget which we all agree is greater than that of a TV show, so why was the action and the scares so cheap? Then it hit me. It’s rated PG-13. I suppose that movie could scare a 13 year old, then again, kids that age now see far more gore than that in the video games they are allowed to play.

The person that insisted I watch this movie came to the conclusion that maybe I just don’t scare easy, and the thing is I do scare quite easily, for instance I have not been able to watch Saw or Hostel all by myself it’s way too much for me, while I am aware the rating of this movie is perhaps what caused it to lack in so many ways, it is also true, that kids younger than that are exposed and to some degree understand or at least can tolerate a far better scary movie.

So if you are hoping to watch Insidious thinking maybe that at least the story if not the scares will be worth the 103 minutes. Don’t waste your time, this movie’s story so plain and the scares so laughable, that it feels more like the work of a 13 year old and not the creators of Saw.

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