About Me…

I’m the biggest fool I know. I believe in the good the bad and the impossible. People tend to toss me quite a bit. Why? Honestly, I have stopped asking myself that question.

I live one day at a time, I hold fast to my dreams and try to find the happy moments even in my darkest hours.  I write, not wonderfully, but it helps pass the time. Sometimes, things I say may or may not make sense.

I believe my biggest contribution to life has been never giving up and realizing that in the end, all that matters is that I was here. I saw and experienced. That is all anyone can really hope.

I may not live a life worth remembering like so many great people before me, but I lived a life of more often than not, understanding those around me.

Live long and prosper.

  1. Your cheats are not visible..
    could you please fix it.

  2. Thank you very much for these combinations it saves my lot of time.

  3. Why so gorgeous?

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