390 Alchemy App Element Combinations

All 390 combinations for the Alchemy game made by Andrey ‘Zed” Zaikin. If you only want the list of possibles, check out the other page HERE If the game is still buggy try contacting the creator directly  on Twitter https://twitter.com/zed_0xff . Or to his game page on also on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlchemyPremium. You can also find his email on the Alchemy game page on the Google Store. 

      Result   Element 1   Element 2
001 1Up Life Mushroom
002 Air
003 Airplane Metal Bird
004 Albert Einstein Scientist Energy
005 Alcohol Fire Water
006 Alcoholic Man Alcohol/Vodka/Beer
007 Algae Life Water
008 Alien Star Life
009 Aluminum Airplane Metal
010 Ambulance Hospital Car
011 Aquarium Glass Fish
012 Arable Earth Tool
013 Arms Metal Tool
014 Ash Fire Anything with Blood
015 Ash Tray Ash Glass
016 Assassin Man Poisoned Weapons
017 Australia Kangaroo Country
018 Avian Flu Flu Bird/Chicken
019 Baby Sex Life
020 Bacon Fire Pig
021 Bacteria Life Swamp
022 Bar Brick House Beer
023 Barbecue Fire Meat
024 Bat Bird Vampire
025 Batman Bat Man
026 Beach Water Sand
027 Bear Beast Forest
028 Beast Earth Lizard
029 Beaver Dam Beast
030 Bee Flower Beetle
031 Beer Alcohol Wheat
032 Beetle Worm Earth
033 Beetroot Sugar Seed
034 Belarus Tractor Country
035 Berry Grass Fruit
036 Bicycle Wheel Wheel
037 Bird Air Egg
038 Bitumen Kerogen Pressure
039 Blood Beast Hunter
040 Boat Water Wood
041 Boiler Metal Steam
042 Book Paper Man
043 Borscht Beetroot Fire
044 Bow Robin Hood Arms
045 Bread Dough Fire
046 Brick Clay Fire
047 Brick House Brick Concrete
048 Butterfly Air Worm
049 C3PO Gold Robot
050 Cactus Desert Tree
051 Camel Beast Desert
052 Cancer Man Cigarettes/Tobacco
053 Car Cart Combustion Engine
054 Caramel Sugar Fire
055 Carbon Dioxide Oxygen Man
056 Carmine Cochineal Fire
057 Cart Wheel Wood
058 Cat Yarn Beast
059 Cat-dog Cat Dog
060 Caviar Fish Fish
061 Cement Clay Limestone
062 Cemetery Grave Grave
063 Ceramics Man Clay
064 Champagne Wine Soda Water
065 Chariot Warrior Cart
066 Cheese Quark Fire
067 Chicken Egg Life
068 China Country Dragon/Silk
069 Chocolate Cocoa Sugar
070 Christmas Tree Tree Light-bulb
071 Cigarettes Paper Tobacco
072 City Skyscraper Skyscraper
073 Clay Sand Swamp
074 Clock Time Tool
075 Cloth Wool Tool
076 Clothing Man Cloth
077 Cloud Air Steam
078 Coal Fire Tree
079 Coca-Cola Soda Water Carmine
080 Cochineal Cactus Beetle
081 Cocoa Seed Mexico
082 Coffin Corpse Wood
083 Coin Money Metal
084 Combustion Engine Steam Engine Gasoline
085 Concrete Cement Water
086 Continent Country Country
087 Copper Silver or Metal Gold or Venus
088 Corpse Fire Man
089 Country City City
090 Crop Circles UFO Arable
091 Dam Brick Water
092 Desert Sand Sand
093 Diamond Uncut Diamond Tool
094 Diet Man Yogurt
095 Dilemma Chicken Egg
096 Dinosaur Earth Egg
097 Doctor Hospital Scientist
098 Dog Wolf Man
099 Dough Flour Water
100 Dr. Zoidberg Doctor Alien
101 Dragon Fire Pterodactyl
102 Dust Air Earth
103 E-Book Microchip Book
104 Earth
105 Ectoplasm Ghost Energy
106 Egg Life Stone
107 Egypt Country Cat/Mummy
108 Electric Eel Snake Electricity
109 Electric Ray Fish Electricity
110 Electricity Energy Metal
111 Elephant Whale/India Earth/Beast
112 Energy Air Fire
113 Ent Tree Life
114 Explosion Fire Gasoline/Gunpowder
115 Faberge Egg Egg Diamond
116 Farmer Man Seed
117 Fat Man Pig
118 Feather Bird Hunter
119 Fern Moss Swamp
120 Finland Sauna Country
121 Fire
122 Fire Elemental Fire Life
123 Firearms Arms Gunpowder
124 Firefighter Hero Fire
125 Firefly Light Beetle
126 Fish Bacteria Plankton
127 Fisherman Hunter Fish
128 Flour Wheat Stone/Tool
129 Flower Water Seed
130 Flu Air Bacteria
131 Fondue Cheese Fire
132 Forest Grove Grove
133 Fossil Dinosaur Earth
134 France Champagne Country
135 Frankenstein Corpse Electricity
136 Fried Chicken Fire Chicken
137 Frog Lizard Swamp
138 Fruit Tree Farmer/Flower
139 Fugu Fish Poison
140 Gasoline Petroleum Pressure
141 Genie Lamp Ghost
142 Germany WV Beetle Country
143 Geyser Steam Earth
144 Ghost Ash Life
145 Ghost-busters Ghost Hunter
146 Glass Fire Sand
147 Gold Philosopher’s Stone Metal
148 Golem Clay Life
149 Grape Earth Wood
150 Grass Earth Moss
151 Grave Earth Corpse
152 Grove Tree Tree
153 Gunpowder Dust Fire
154 Hen Coop Chicken Hut
155 Hero Dragon Warrior
156 Honey Bee Flower/Sugar
157 Hospital Sick Brick House
158 Hot Chocolate Fire Chocolate
159 Hourglass Sand Glass
160 House MD Man Vicodin
161 Hunter Arms Man
162 Hut Man Stone
163 Hydrogen Water Electricity
164 Ice Water Glass
165 Iceland Ice Country
166 Idea Man Light-bulb
167 India Kama Sutra Country
168 Iodine Algae Fire
169 iPhone Fruit Phone
170 Island Volcano Sea
171 Italy Pizza Country
172 Japan Sushi Country
173 Jedi Hero Light-saber
174 Juice Fruit Pressure
175 Kama Sutra Book Sex
176 Kangaroo Frog Beast
177 Kerogen Fossil Pressure
178 Kilt Scotland Clothing
179 Knife Meat Tool
180 Lamp Fire Glass
181 Lance Armstrong Cancer Bicycle
182 Lava Earth Fire
183 Lava Golem Life Lava
184 Lava Lamp Lava Lamp
185 Lawnmower Grass Tool
186 Leech Blood Worm
187 Library Book Book
188 Lichen Mushroom Algae
189 Life Energy Swamp
190 Light Electricity Light Bulb
191 Light Bulb Electricity Glass
192 Light Saber Arms Light
193 Lighthouse Skyscraper Light
194 Lightning Rod Thunderstorm Metal
195 Lime Fire Limestone
196 Limestone Stone Shells
197 Livestock Beast Man
198 Lizard Snake Worm
199 Lobster Scorpion Water
200 Locomotive Cart Steam Engine
201 Man Golem Life
202 Manure Grass Livestock
203 Mario 1Up Man
204 McDonald’s Coca-Cola Sandwich
205 Meat Beast Hunter
206 Mentos Coca-Cola Geyser
207 Mermaid Woman Fish
208 Metal Fire Stone
209 Metal Golem Metal Life
210 Mexico Tequila Country
211 Microchip Transistor Transistor
212 Milk Livestock Man
213 Mirror Aluminum Glass
214 Mite Life Dust
215 Mold Mushroom Mud
216 Molotov Cocktail Fire Alcohol
217 Money Gold Paper
218 Moon Cheese Sky
219 Moss Swamp Algae
220 Motorboat Boat Combustion Engine
221 Motorcycle Combustion Engine Bicycle
222 Mouse Cheese Beast
223 Mud Dust Water
224 Mummy Corpse Paper/Cloth
225 Museum Brick House Fossil
226 Mushroom Earth Algae
227 Music Sound Idea
228 Obesity Man McDonald’s
229 Old Man Man Time
230 Omelet Egg Fire
231 Oxygen Water Electricity
232 Oxyhydrogen Oxygen Hydrogen
233 Ozone Oxygen Electricity
234 Panda Tree Beast
235 Paper Wood Pressure
236 Pearl Sand Shells
237 Peat Swamp Pressure
238 Penguin Ice Bird
239 Penicillin Mold Scientist
240 Perfume Flower Alcohol
241 Petri Dish Glass Bacteria
242 Petroleum Bitumen Pressure
243 Philosopher’s Stone Philosophy Stone
244 Philosophy Dilemma Scientist
245 Phoenix Bird Fire
246 Phone Sound Wire
247 Pie Berry Dough
248 Pig Livestock Mud
249 Piggy Bank Ceramics Coin
250 Pillow Feather Cloth
251 Pinocchio Wood Life
252 Pizza Cheese Dough
253 Planet Continent Continent
254 Plankton Bacteria Water
255 Plesiosaurus Dinosaur Water
256 Poison Snake Tool
257 Poisoned Weapons Arms Poison
258 Pressure Earth Earth
259 Prisoner Assassin Time
260 Pterodactyl Air Dinosaur
261 Quark Soured Milk Fire
262 Quetzalcoatl Snake Bird
263 R2D2 Robot Star-wars
264 Rain Water Cloud
265 Rainbow Steam Light
266 Reed Grass Swamp
267 Robin Hood Forest Hero
268 Robot Metal Golem Electricity
269 Romania Transylvania Country
270 Ruby Blood Diamond
271 Russia Vodka Country
272 Rust Water Metal
273 Sailboat Boat Cloth
274 Sailing Ship Cloth Wooden Ship
275 Sailor Boat Man
276 Salamander Fire Lizard
277 Salo Man Pig
278 Salt Sea Fire
279 Saltpeter Limestone Manure
280 Sand Stone Water
281 Sandstorm Storm Sand
282 Sandwich Meat Bread
283 Santa Claus Old Man Christmas Tree
284 Saudi Arabia Petroleum Country
285 Sauna Steam Hut
286 Scarab Beetle Manure
287 Scientist Man Library
288 Scissors Knife Knife
289 Scorpion Beetle Sand
290 Scotch Whiskey Alcohol Peat
291 Scotland Scotch Whiskey Country
292 Sea Water Water
293 Seed Life Sand
294 Sex Man Woman
295 Sex in the City Sex City
296 Shells Plankton Stone
297 Sick Man Flu
298 Silicon Pressure Sand
299 Silk Cloth Worm/China
300 Silver Moon Metal
301 Sith Jedi Assassin
302 Sky Air Cloud
303 Skyscraper Brick House Glass
304 Smoke Fire Tobacco
305 Snail Shells Worm
306 Snake Swamp Worm
307 Sniper Assassin Firearms
308 Soap Ash Fat
309 Soda Water Carbon Dioxide Water
310 Soldier Firearms Man
311 Sound Metal Wind
312 Soured Milk Milk Yogurt
313 Spinning Wheel Wheel Wool
314 Stake Wood Knife
315 Star Sun Scientist
316 Star-wars Jedi Sith
317 Statue Stone Tool
318 Statue of Liberty USA Statue
319 Steam Air Water
320 Steam Engine Boiler Coal
321 Steamer Steam Engine Wooden Ship
322 Stone Air Lava
323 Storm Air Energy
324 Sugar Lime Reed
325 Sulfur Bacteria Swamp
326 Sun Sky Chariot
327 Sunflower Sun Flower
328 Sushi Fish Algae
329 Swamp Earth Water
330 Sweater Yarn Tool
331 Swine Flu Pig Flu
332 Swiss Army Knife Switzerland Knife
333 Switzerland Clock Country
334 Team Beast Cart
335 Tequila Alcohol Worm
336 The Beetles Beetle Beetle
337 Thread Spinning Wheel Yarn
338 Thunderbird Bird Storm
339 Thunderstorm Storm Electricity
340 Time Life Hourglass
341 Toast Fire Bread
342 Tobacco Fire Grass
343 Tool Man Metal
344 Totoro Forest Ghost
345 Tractor Lawnmower Arable
346 Transformers Life Car
347 Transistor Silicon Metal
348 Transylvania Vampire Country
349 Tree Earth Seed
350 Turtle Egg Sand
351 Twilight Saga Vampire Werewolf
352 Typhoon Water Storm
353 UFO Airplane Alien
354 Ukraine Salo Country
355 Uncut Diamond Coal Pressure
356 Undead Corpse Zombie
357 United Kingdom The Beetles Country
358 USA McDonald’s Country
359 Vampire Blood Man
360 Venice City Water
361 Venus Woman Planet
362 Vicodin Sick Doctor
363 Vinegar Alcohol Oxygen
364 Vodka Alcohol Water
365 Volcano Lava Pressure
366 Vulture Corpse Bird
367 VW Beetle Car Beetle
368 Warrior Arms Hunter
369 Water
370 Weevil Flour Beetle
371 Werewolf Beast Vampire
372 Whale Beast Water
373 Wheat Arable Seed
374 Wheel Wood Tool
375 Whey Soured Milk Fire
376 Wind Air Air
377 Wine Grape Alcohol
378 Wire Copper Thread
379 Wolf Werewolf Moon
380 Woman Perfume Flower
381 Wood Tree Tool
382 Wooden Ship Boat Wood
383 Wool Beast Hunter
384 Worm Earth Plankton
385 Yarn Spinning Wheel Wool
386 Yoda Jedi Swamp
387 Yogurt Bacteria Milk
388 Yoshi 1Up Egg
389 Zombie Corpse Life
390 Zoo Beast Museum
  1. You missed putting in how to make “wire”. You’ve got it mistakenly listed as one of two ways to make “copper”. =)

    • Wildcat. Thanks for letting me know. It would have taken me a seriously long time to notice the over sight. Made it easy to correct posting correction now.

    • How do you make c3po?

      • Gold + Robot = C3PO

      • I have tried repeatidly to combine gold+robot and robot+gold. It won’t combine for me. Neither will glass and fish. I have an android so not sure why it won’t work. It worked fine for my daughter.

      • The “new” items- CP3O. ,aquarium, Copper ,wire , etc will not work .
        I have tried repeatedly , all ways , many times ……
        Please help so don’t need to add lunatic ( man moon?) !,,

      • I’ve heard this of all the time, the game is glitchy you are not the first to mention it. However, I will look up different ways to go about it, and see what can be done, update coming. To my list I doubt the devs of the game will fix it anytime soon.

      • Planet is unable to be combined as “Terminal Element” so can’t combine with Woman to make VENUS !
        How can I make this plus EVERY NEW -RED item as I have tried stopping , turning off ipad, restarting ……… still no joy 😦 ?

      • Can you make luigui like in super Mario bros

      • Not so far, maybe by the next update whenever that is. It might be added. I’ll keep you guys posted.

    • Silver plus gold did not make copper. Pls fix!!!!!!!!

      • I wish they would, I have no control over that, but you can email them directly, at the bottom of the Google Pay Store page for it, there is a contact email address.

      • The reason many are having problems with the red items is because that’s only for alchemy 390 while many people have downloaded the 380 version

      • Excellent point! Actually in all the “Please notes” at the top, I had forgotten the basic rule: Some devices don’t update well, so in those cases a full reinstall to the latest version could be the answer to the problem. I’m serious though, I had not thought of it. As a suggestion. Thanks a bunch for sharing

  2. #87 and #88 are both for copper. One of them should be Wire- Thread Copper.

  3. Thanks so much for the list.
    We were down to 382 and dying! At a certain point, the fun turns maddening.
    How did we miss sailboat and mermaid?

    • I felt the same way, when I began to play it. My phone has a really small screen. So I looked online. All lists I found were hard to read because of the caps non caps. The way they added just to the bottom or how they split it into multiple pages. So After weeks and a lot of hours, and a lot of web surfing. I decided we were due for a clean readable list. Very happy it’s of use. I got mermaid on pure luck, I was yet again watching “Mermaid the body found”. The boats are confusing though, I miss sailboat or that other one quite often.

  4. Hello,

    I see that there 9 new result are, Where is number 10?

    Thank you for find the result and shared

    • All new elements recently added have been colored in red. They are:
      Aquarium, C3PO,Copper, Iphone, Phone, Pie, Rain, Thread, Venus and Wire. Thanks for the comment, I will do the same on the other page.

      • There should be somrething for the philippines

      • I looked up the languages there spoken, and yeah I did not find Malay? in the language section of the game. Maybe you can email the creator of the game and suggest it as the game itself only allows for combo suggestions. His email is listed on the Google Play Store under developer information. At the bottom of the game page. 😀

      • Christine Lephart

        I find i cant make any of the new elements, i downloaded it to my ipad, is the 390 version only for android?

      • It looks that way. I don’t own any apple products yet.

  5. Time+tool= wristwatch

    • Yes, it does. However, in my version of Alchemy it shows a Wristwatch. The word it uses however, it says clock. I will add the other possible word. Thanks for pointing it out. 😀

  6. ur missing one element still

  7. You have earth but not how to achieve it I have 389.

  8. You have earth listed but not its combination. So I have 389, which is driving me crazy!

    • Earth, Fire, Wind and Water are the four basic elements you start out with. They have no way to create them because they are already made for you. So the missing element is something else.

  9. Thanks sweetheart for your guidance, I can do cross check and finally I have 390/390 elements on my alchemy 🙂

    Merry christmas and Happy new year!

  10. Thanks sweetheart for your guidance, I can do double cross check and finally I have 390/390 elements on my alchemy 🙂

    Merry christmas and Happy new year!

  11. You have the “Light” combination wrong. It is not “Electricity” and “Metal” but “Electricity” and “Light Bulb”. At least this is the fact in my version of Alchemy. By the way this is an exellent work… 😉

    • I will never do auto alphabetization again :(. Thank you so much for pointing it out. I often auto sort and stuff, and the changes don’t carry over well. Or it might have been that time I typed it in auto complete is horrible! Thanks a million and yeah you were correct. The changes now reflect.

  12. Great help! I kept getting stuck at 389, but was counting 390 elements created. For some reason, zombie + paper or cloth equals “mummy”, but it wouldn’t add it to my total until I used corpse and cloth instead.

    • Thank you for your comment Becky, it must be a bug of the update it used to work at one point. I will make a note of your observation once I find time. Useful info.

  13. Tobacco does not work for me… I tried to add fire and grass but there was still no reaction.. Any help?

    • Worked, seems it was a bug at my phone. All good 😉

      • Oh I’m glad! I woke up, saw your comment and started a new game to get all the way to there. I wanted to see if it was possible. In my case at first it was not, I was running too many programs as soon as I freed up the memory, restarted the game and bingo. Sometimes phones can bug out that way.Thanks for updating me

  14. Buffix: 294: Sex ← Man + Woman

    • Hello Anonymous,

      Apologies for the oversight. About two updates back or so, that was the original combination for sex. I forgot to update the change. It has been corrected. Thank you, so much for bringing it to my attention. Have fun!

  15. How do you make the ones in red?

    • The elements needed are listed right next to the elements. You need to see the list and find out how to make the elements required. The ones in red are listed like that because they are the latest addition. If the combinations don’t work try restarting your phone. Sometimes when the program runs it gets in a weird state, so you need to restart.

      • I have 380/380 right now and I combined gold and robot and got nothing, it just won’t combine, also do you know why ones like yoda and Mario are grayed out?

  16. Try restarting your phone. Grayed out on the list? Or grayed out on the post. I checked the post. Let me check my alchemy game. If it continues to fail the last resort would be to reinstall the game.

  17. 337 Thread -Spinning Wheel + Yarn Don’t work for me, I’ve created it but it didn’t save in my game. I’ve 389 for this reason. Any idea?

    • You need to restart your phone. Also make sure you have no other programs running. Sometimes when there is too much going on the program becomes unresponsive.

  18. Thank you so much for the list i now have all 390. The list is so clear to follow……Awesome job!!!!

  19. For dragon your have fire and flying dragon, but you don’t have flying dragon listed. It took me a minute but I found pteridectile and that plus fire made dragon.

  20. I have tried AQUARIUM on my iPod, and it isn’t working. Fish and Glass do not combine. Any suggestions?

    • Did you restart the phone, and then tried combining Glass and Fish versus fish and glass? I read many comments where just restarting the Phone helps.

    • Did you restart the phone, and then tried combining Glass and Fish versus fish and glass? I read many comments where just restarting the Phone helps.

  21. How am i doing cooper? Silver with gold does not work for me..:((

  22. Thanks, though.

    • It was a huge help. =D

      • The bug with certain elements not working is known to me. I’ve tested all this combinations with on my LG Steem and they work. Sometimes you have to combine them backwards or just put all those elements together from all that does not work and mix it together eventually it will give. The bug seems to affect mostly the Iphone.

  23. Hey, i have 388 but i dont kniw what they are. I’ve looked theough the list but nothing i see everything i have, any suggestions?

    Thanks for the list. Lifesaver! 🙂

    • Do you have mermaid? Some people forget that one. Also I noticed you looked at the combinations list. Check out the one without the combos on it. I find it easier just to see the missing elements without all the combos in it. Trust me the are all there, if the counter is not adding em up. It might be a bug, some have reported that one, to me, It happened to me once on the old version of the game. Your are most welcome by the way.

  24. Yes. I missed pig+fire=bacon and something else. So annoying sometimes when you can’t find the last element! Not trying to offend you and all but i think its happened to you to, right?

  25. LOVE........💝

    This is such a fun game😀😀😀😀😀

  26. UGH everything in red I can’t make….is it cuz I have an iPod?

    • Try them back ward try to putting all those ingredients together and messed them up on the screen. It could be that it’s an Ipod issue, I only tested on Android.

  27. So I have 389/390 elements. I’ve looked through three different lists several times and can’t find the last one. I’m going nuts. Someone please help!!

    • It’s probably a combination you already tried, but didn’t take. I have one list with the elements just the elements try that one first. Link found at top. Once you find the one you are missing then look at this combo list. It helps if you print it out 😛

    • my problem too… what is this last combination?

  28. Thx A LOT for this very complete list. You just made my day 🙂 ! Now i will be able to sleep in peace 😀

  29. thank u very mucj , final I’ve completed this game)

  30. Thnx for the help i was totally losted to find the last one yoda but i got it thnx

  31. How do I make human in zeds alchemy? I’m desperate everything I do it come out man and not human

    • There is no human in the game all you make is Golem. Clay +Life = Golem. Life + Golem = Man. Man + Milk or Perfume make Woman. The rest goes from there.

  32. Thanks this helped a lot!

  33. caleb.vink368@sccdsb.net

    Hey!???!!!! To make a country why isn’t Canada up there. Like jeez. But anyway thanks I beat the game and now I don’t use it as much. Any other good games? But still thanks a bunch – Offended Canadian;)

    • Your guess dear Canadian is as good as mine. Make the suggestion under the settings in the game, who knows. It did get them to change Man + Man = Sex. So you never know, You can also email the game creator directly his email is listed at the bottom of the game page on the Google Play store. As far as any other good games, well, I have been playing Alchemy Classic it has more combinations and some are locked because they need to be payed for. However it still leaves enough elements to keep the brain happy. If you know of any I would like to know self. 🙂

  34. Hey, I once was on another website and they said lobster+doctor=Dr.zoidberg but here you say that alien+doctor=Dr.Zoidberg. Which one’s right and which one is wrong? Thanks for the help =)

    • They might both be correct. See in this game there is more than one way to make the elements. So on to your question. The combo here is tried and tested to work. As for the other, I seem to remember it being the case. However they change with every update I personally have played it for the past two. I will look it up and get back to you.

  35. Carina Dernedde

    Perfect! I found all 390 elements, it works and I’m happy! (mine is an android-tablet)

  36. Country/Panda also works for China if anyones having problems with that. c:

  37. I love this app but for some reason I can not get some elements even though I mix the correct elements to make it

    Ex: fish + glass should = aquarium

    • Are you using an apple device? If so there in is the problem. Restart the game, and make sure you have nothing else running in the background. If all fails restart your phone and if it does not fix it, begin a different save file. The following applies to any device Apple or Android based. The problem has been reported but since it’s not consistent, it’s difficult to know what causes it.

  38. Egypt can also be made with scarab + country

  39. I can’t get copper to work

  40. The ones in red do NOT work for the iPod touch

  41. thank you so much dear for the list!!!!!!

  42. Awesome blog! Very awesome! You rock!

  43. Missing five elements on kindle fire app, can not make copper so can not make wire, or phone, or i phone. ugh my five year old is driving me crazy to finish but just cant get the last five!

  44. Aquarium won’t work for me I have tried all you tips restarting my iPhone and closing all tabs I have
    Not tried any of the other elements people have been having trouble with

  45. None of the newer eliments are working for me

  46. When i try to get venus, its says its planet puls woman but in the game it says you cant add planet with anyhting? Is there another way to get venus

  47. Your pg says their is 390 my phone says 380 and I have no updates

  48. What is a WV Beetle? (to make Germany)

  49. cannot make the country

  50. It won’t let me do aquarium and I restarted my phone plus reversed the order fish and glass go in.

  51. You don’t have any thing for smurf and smurf isn’t on there

  52. Whoa, superb weblog composition! The length of time do you think you’re running a blog regarding? you have made blogging glimpse quick. The whole peek of the web site is amazing, much less this article materials!

  53. I have 389 elements… I can’t find what I’m missing. This is very frustrating… And I do not want to pay money to find this last one

  54. This list has been so helpful. I got stuck at 75 elements. With just a few of these combos I was back to playing and trying new ones. Thanks so very much. It get really annoying when you try a bunch of different ones and you get the same ones you already have. So thanks a tons. Happy Holidays Sweetie.

  55. This list is able to find any element possible in the game. Yet it does not contain every single recipe possible.

  56. I found other combinations of the elements in this game. Why are they not listed? Thx.

  57. Water and brick won’t combine on my HTC one and I need them to make dam to make beaver so I can get the 390 I’m currently at 388 and need help

  58. I tried c3po but it won’t work for me. Help please?

  59. I have 379 out of 380 I keep reviewing your list and i can’t seem to find the element that I’m missing
    Any help?

  60. thanks a lot, coz of u i can finished this game

  61. I put milk+man and got woman lol

  62. You do t have how to make warrior up there

    • I will look into that. In the mean time. Arms + Hunter Warrior is indeed up there. It’s combination 368. I understand how the alphabetization, can confuse sometimes. I was looking for it lower on the list.

  63. I cannot make aquarium I tried everything, sadly including deleting the app which wiped out everything and I had to start all over again, I don’t understand why.

    • I have heard many of these combinations don’t work on all phones. Sadly other than commenting on Google Play. I don’t see how to get in contact successfully with the game maker. I ran into it myself a few times. 😦

  64. Emma Rupprecht

    I can’t mix planet and woman to make Venus because plenty is a terminal element. What do I do?

  65. Adrian J. Novelle

    I’ve been in the process of memorizing the entire game…you know, for fun. And though I can’t name all 390 elements (in/out of order), I can tell you the combination(s) for all elements (including how to make fire and water). I literally have gone through each element and typed at least one combination (with the exception of air and earth) and I got all 390 correct (well, all 388). During all this, I have one profile called the Default which has all 390 elements unlocked for reference (that I used cheat sheets on for self-reference). But since last night, it said 389/390 elements unlocked. What the hell? I just spent ten minutes going through my whole list of elements, double-checking, and I have them all. Yet it still says 389/390, and Zombie and Zoo aren’t on the same line, indicating that there are in fact 389 elements present (when all 390 are present, since each line has 4 elements, Zombie and Zoo will share the same line since 390 = 392 – 2, 392 being a mutiple of 4). Again, what the hell? What element is missing if none of them actually are, and if I’m right, then why does it say one is?

    (About the other stuff, I’m not trying to gloat…the closest I got to unlocking all 390 elements myself was 388. That was in my prime. I’m so sick of playing this game that I figured out that iPhone, by and large, is the “hardest” element to make, and it only takes 14 unlocked elements (including water, air, fire, and earth) to make Man.)

    • If I got that point, you were trying to make, you are yet another unhappy player. I understand that, I have gotten those bugs myself. The only way to solve them is to report them to the game’s creator. Though I am not sure he will ever get back to you, I have myself pointed out all these issues via email. I’m still waiting for response.

      • How do you make pressure because i don’t know how to make earth and i have also tried it with soil + soil. None worked so would you know another way of creating it?

      • Might be the wrong game. Since earth is one of the elements you start out with. Earth, Fire Wind and Water are all in game from the start. To make pressure I believe is Earth + Earth

  66. MysteriousBonds

    @claocloa Nice list, but I have more 😉
    1. Try Kamasutra + Man and Kamasutra + Woman
    2. Fire/CO2 with Tree, Groove and Forest.
    3. Baby + Time can give either Man or Woman
    4. Woman + Assassin can give either Assassin & Corpse or find out…

  67. i can’t get plankton when i combine water and bacteria as you have written

  68. I have a Kindle HDX and cannot make rain with cloud and sky, or cloud and water, or water and sky. Tried many different ways with other items to. Any ideas? Thank you so much!!

  69. Please I cant make copper and I´ve tried but is no possible so heeeeellllllppppppp

  70. plankton should work for everybody but for robots u need premium to get ads away and so u can make phone, robot etc.

  71. for e.g. the red sign on making the stuff needs payment which is premium

    • I’ll have to look into that. I’ve heard of it on the other Alchemy Game. So far as I know, the red sign on top of some elements means the element cannot be combined anymore. It’s a terminal element. Those posted in red here, are simply for users to find them faster. As those are the ten elements added since the last upgrade.

  72. What do you combine wind with?

    • Do a CTRL + F key type the word wind. They will go down all the list of wind related elements.

      Wind is made by combining Air + Air

      Then Wind + Metal = Sound. That is all the Wind related combos on the list.

  73. Stuart Finnie

    Wonderful list. Thank you so much!! Do you have any idea what Elephant and Totoro combine with? I think they should be Terminal, but I may be wrong.

  74. Your website is NOT mobile friendly! I try pulling this page up on my ipod touch and the right side of the page is cut off. Element 2 and everything on that side does NOT show. A printer friendly of this page would be nice so I can print without waisting ink so I can then type it up on my ipod so I can have them on the go instead of having to carry a tone of papers

  75. I have almost all but some of them are not working

  76. Like i tried c3po and the aquarium and I didn’t work

  77. cant make life, and im using it on chrome extension. t says use swamp, and swamp=earth+ water, but earth+water = water+earth = mud

  78. What is the name of alchemy with 390 elements called?

  79. This android app has all the combinations and it’s interactive, will only show you what you can make with what you’ve found 😀

  80. So….I’m not the only one who plays this game?

  81. What are all the elements that can’t be combined to anything to make a new element?

    • That list I have, is just the basics, still working on one with all the possibles on it. You know that it works, in a way that does not… Overload, meaning too much information at once. The design of this page does not lend itself to a lot of horizontal text. I’m working on it though.

  82. Glass+fish is not working

  83. why you dont have shuriken i have it in my cellphone but cant find it here

  84. I have got all but one damn “element” for this game… I’ve been over your list about four or five times and haven’t found any resemblance of anything I missed… Is this game broken?????

    • This game is indeed broken. They have so far stopped updating it, or adding new elements. Every time I reinstall nothing new, shows up. Best bet is Alchemy Classic HD Same premise, better graphics.

  85. I understand thanks
    but what i don’t understand is how I have missed one element out of the total 390… I’ve been ovwer your list five times and haven’t found any remnance of the missing 1… being someone who plays multiple games I can let it go but the progress is an un-even number so it’s driving me up the wall.
    I’m sure you can understand the problem with this 😐

  86. Moonlight Reflection

    The ones in red don’t work 😦

    • The game does not always work. I found that out on various installs, but the game developers have not done any updates in over a year now. So, there is nothing that can be done.

  87. Electricity+hourglass=also clock

  88. Hi there! Nice work! Here’s an interactive walkthrough where you you select an element and sees the path to reach it: http://interactivealchemywalkthrough.u1257488.fsdata.se/

  89. Am I the only one that thinks that Sailor+Spinach (which doesn’t exist) should make Popeye

  90. After trying multiple times, the baby (sex + life) and woman (flower + perfume), just do not work. I’m not sure if this is just a glitch in the game or if something has been changed, but please get back to me if you figure something out.

  91. When elements have (*) does it mean that they cannot be combined? If so cocoa has it for me so if there are any other ways to make chocolate or if something is just wrong, please contact me.

    • As far as I know, there is no other way to make chocolate. So it’s a game glitch for sure. I’m sorry, but it seems a reset of the game will be the only work around. Try contacting the game developer directly at alchemy@0xff.me

  92. You can pretty much confirm that all the “problem” elements in red in your basic list are only included in the 390 list version of the game. Anyone on iOS won’t be able to make them.


    I have 380/380 on iOS. These are the 10 I can’t make.

  93. On my alchemy cloud and water does nothing plz tell me what’s going on thnx

    • I assume you are trying to make rain. If that combo does not work try Sky and Water. The game is very buggy, so things that work for some don’t work for others. Hope it helps.

  94. We need Pikachu, mouse and electricity
    Squirtle turtle and water
    Bulbasaur plant life and grass
    Charmander Dinosaur and fire

  95. Some of these don’t work for my game….could it be that I have an iPhone and have a different version of the game and that’s why?

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