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It’s no doubt that compared to ten years ago, information and the speed at which we get it has come a long, long way. I know it sounds almost ancient to say but fifteen years ago I too was fifteen, and grew up without the extensive use of the computer or internet until I was well out of my teens. Today a headline caught my eye that made me think back on my high school years “Teen who had chronicled her bullying on Youtube commits suicide” it got me thinking of how in the world did I survive high school?  I know some people say the hardships we endure at the hands of our peers are meant to built character.

My take on the whole thing is, there is no doubt for some and provably the vast majority school is a nightmare.  For me, sometimes it was difficult to get up and find a reason to go, I was not exactly bullied, but I did have to endure the comments about my appearance and health issues, the many back handed remarks, and stuff of that nature.  I had only one friend in high school for the first year, he died the following summer. I was lucky enough to make two more friends, with whom I still talk to from time to time. This girl in the article felt alone. I know what that feels like, I been where she was in a way.

Feeling completely alone is by far the worst feeling in the world and sadly is not one that you can ever become immune to. I am aware that words are powerful, that they can make or break deals, but I also know they can mend the broken hearts.  Someone once asked, “If we are going to die anyway, what’s the point of it all?”  I guess, in a way if you look at it that way, it does look grim does it not? Life is a gift, we are here to live it, experience it and above all respect it. Where we go from hear no one knows, but what matters is that we live a life worth remembering by the ones we leave behind.

While I read the article I kept thanking the very few yet true friends I was blessed with. I wonder in a greater scale if any bullies out there will ever know the severe consequences brought on by their lack of respect for their fellow classmates. Will they ever know they contributed in some way to the end of a a life? Or will they simply move on, and treat school and live in general as the survival of the fittest?

Evil never prospers, even though it might seem that way at times. Mom often told me, children are a direct reflection of their parents, so I can’t help but wonder if parents today are aware of how bad their kids make them look. Yes, it is a fast paced world and some parents today are too preoccupied to notice, the little details. Adults are the protectors of our youths, I think it’s about time for all of us to stand up and pay attention.

About claoclao

I am another soul that came into this world alone and shall inevitably leave said world the same way. It is not the beginning or the end of my life that matters, only the middle.

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