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I think today’s subject is self explanatory, so the need for a big intro is not required.  You might think, as you continue on reading that this is a cry in defense of the receiver of the speeding ticket seen around the world. You would be wrong!

Just now, I heard the 911 call that an over rated, overly hyped singer placed to the 911 service. It’s amazing how the media tries to tag it as a dramatic call. When it was nothing like it, he sounds as cool as a cucumber. Like someone reading a script on how to make pasta. Scared? Hardly, more like annoyed and entitled.  He of course got a ticket, which all his money and his fame will get him out of no doubt. That is the way it is for celebrities. You would think, he would just throw money at it right away as soon as he got it, but after that, he calls 911 again to whine about it. Although all his fans would call it, “explaining himself”.

911 is a national emergency service. So unless your life is in any real danger leave those three numbers for… I don’t know a real emergency. I highly doubt, bitching about a ticket is a real emergency. Granted a high speed chase could be an emergency but not for the celebrity in this case but for all the unfortunate souls who happen to share the road.  All that recklessness could actually kill someone someday. I know celebrities are people too, but seeing how they get away pretty much anything I don’t feel sorry for them nor do I think there should be a crusade against the photo snapping happys out there.

In my book if your famous enough to have every breath you take be documented in some way whether you like it or not, then odds are you make enough money to hire an entourage; complete with driver, body guards and enough cars between you and the reckless and stupid, to avoid making it dangerous for the rest of us.

I can almost hear the roars of “… but they have a right to privacy too…” let’s not forget celebrities make millions more than the average guy, but those millions are not free they come with the price, and I don’t see any of them quitting their day job. So I guess, that’s a price their a willing to pay. Of course, I would hope that they wouldn’t waste our tax paying dollars pretending they actually believe that.


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I am another soul that came into this world alone and shall inevitably leave said world the same way. It is not the beginning or the end of my life that matters, only the middle.

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  1. not sure what this all meant… it confused me a little but that’s a good thing… being a man of many talents I understand what it’s like to be ridiculed for musical talent as I’m a street performer (specialising in beatboxing and singing)
    however I think that nobody deserves to be ridiculed or reported for talent (unless it is aquired illegaly or performed under illegal circumstances)

    • If my memory serves me correctly. I think this post is about, The time Justin Beaver called 9-1-1 because they were giving him a speeding ticket. Something along those lines.

  2. aaah ok… then I am completely mistaken on the topic… nonetheless I do understand how much artists such as myself (feild of music and visuals) and yourself (feild of blog-based information) are ridiculed under any circumstance…

    if you want info on things like this or articles on street performing email me at KatKneebone@gmail.com and I’ll gladly provide any and all information required 🙂

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