A time and a place…

Dear Reader,

For some reason over sometime, I’ve been reading on the news a lot of controversy about breastfeeding. I personally don’t have children, nor do I want any at this time.  However, I’m a bit puzzled over why there is such an uproar, about it.  Then as I read the latest on the issue I began to understand.

This time, the issue is two women in Air Force uniforms breastfeeding. Certainly the images don’t offend me, nor do they shock me, breast feeding is as natural as breathing; before there was bottles how do they suppose infants got fed? Granted, way back in the day a woman would breastfeed in the privacy of her home and would cover herself and the infant while doing so. So I guess the up roar of these campaigns, is more toward the photos that show parents breast feeding their young with nothing but the baby’s mouth to cover the breast and leaving nothing to the imagination. That certainly isn’t doing the campaign any favors.

Let’s also not forget that wearing a military uniform comes with it’s own set of rules, and just because there is nothing in them to directly address women and breastfeeding. Largely because women in the military were very few and far between until after 1943. It does not mean, that they should take the liberties to show their breast to the world with the excuse of feeding their child, we do have breast pumps you know? Come on people, while in uniform, you are not even allowed to carry an umbrella that isn’t black, should it not also be common sense that showing the world what’s under that shirt, should be a hell no? I would like to think that we have grown enough as a society to recognize common sense, why is it, then that we must push the envelope on everything just because it’s not written down in black and white.

I get it bottles have come along way since the early 1900’s and for some women have become all the rage for feeding their child from the moment they are born until much later in life. Yes, a lot of women have opted not to breastfeed, but that is their choice.  It’s not like any of these campaigns introduce a whole new idea, it’s been around since mother’s have been mothers. And yes, breastfeeding is a good source of nutrition and antibodies for the child, but lets face it, it is only so up until the child is around the age of two. Anything beyond it becomes as useless as having 1000 spoons when what you need is a fork.

Let’s remember that part of being parents is being responsible, and sensible. What will be next, in the battle of women’s tops, that it will be okay for teenage girls to show up to school wearing nothing but pasties?

I’m not saying don’t breastfeed, all I’m saying is there a time and a place.  Should the time present itself in the wrong place, invest some money on a breast pump and just like you wouldn’t leave your house without extra dippers, don’t leave your house with ready to go breast milk, if that’s a no, no, to you, then it’s clear you want to impose your practices on the world more for shock value than anything else.

About claoclao

I am another soul that came into this world alone and shall inevitably leave said world the same way. It is not the beginning or the end of my life that matters, only the middle.

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  1. The Laotian Commotion

    Breast pumps are made for mothers who cannot be with their nursing children all the time. If people have a problem with breastfeeding, it’s their problem, not the Mother’s discretion to make others be comfortable around a lactating nipple.

    Supporting breastfeeding means supporting breastfeeding in public, no matter how the mother exercises modesty. You’re entitled to your opinion, of course, but I hope you consider my (and many other nursing mothers’) thoughts about what you have said.

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